For the fearless warriors, we have prepared online games Lego Hero Factory. Choose your character and go play, performing dangerous rescue mission.

We open for you the game Lego Hero Factory, where you sovereign master, promoting the release party of brave and mighty robots endowed with incredible strength and unique abilities. Creating his soldiers, do not forget that you are in the world of Lego designer, where everything is made up of individual blocks and what you are Construct, will assist you in the future. You have the power to design great, horrific, terrible monster or come and collect cute Critters. The key to their harmony of body and soul is laid to your imagination and it just depends on who eventually brought before us. Once in the game Lego Hero Factory, you will be surprised how bright and colorful, rich in manifestations of the world spread before you. It can draw unlimited ideas to create their own characters or to help defend the triumph of justice for those who already live in it. Mighty and courageous robots heroes always respond to a call for help, and so they are not left behind when the planet became Kvartos danger. In her living organism invaded alien forces, led by the mad and powerful sorcerer Aldous vich. To planet relieved it must restore freedom by destroying evil sorcerer. Lego Hero Factory starting to play, create and send newly minted heroes in a situation where they will test their strength in practice. The enemy will not take long and attacks from all sides. Unknown to him not only fear, but also the human qualities such as compassion and pity, and therefore useless to beg for mercy. Only an iron will and fists will pull the enemy freedom and victory. For our heroes such call on the shoulder, it's also an occasion to perfect on the battlefield, hone skills and mastery of the weapon. Even such a trifle as the attack on the gas station will not go unnoticed. When the lord of fire sent their wards to the object, Stormer, Breeze, Surge and Furno instantly appeared on the scene. Sometimes there is quite a complex dilemma, where the choice of action depends on the outcome of the battle, but we believe that under your leadership, these brave guys did everything correctly. Lego Hero Factory play is always entertaining, because constructor allows you to create the most incredible images. Each robot is a work of art, where the filling used super power, justice, compassion and imagination of their creator. Each global catastrophe or a small event on a global scale: the capture of the ship, refueling or other object, is perceived as an equal, and there is no difference, save millions of lives, or one. Using the power of its own iron fist, sword or a sharp cutting edge laser weapons, well armed to the teeth and will not forgive any enemy desire to kill and enslave the common people. Defending their territory or coming to the aid of those who are called, you are committing an act of mercy, and freeing people - conquer their favor, become allies and are entitled to help if such a sudden need our heroes. Lego Hero Factory game - it's a fantasy, embodied in the Lego. Creating characters, brick by brick, you assign them a formidable power, majestic, mighty grace. Behind the iron shells knocking artificial heart, ready to help in difficult times. You are waiting for the heroic events, the dynamics of adventure stories, stunning graphics locations and delight from participation in the creation of a heroic world of Lego.