In the process of online games Lego Friends girls will take care of your horse, preparing it for the races. Start playing polakomte horse vkusnenkim and comb.

It's great when you can share the fun with my friends, to come up with them the next game, take a trip. They discuss boys and even create their own social club, but to stand out from the rest, coming up with their own style of clothing. Lego Friends play tells the story of the heroine of which are always together. Acceded to it, you know, what they dream about and how to spend their free time. Together with the heroines head out to explore the world of fashion, where a limitless number of orders allows you to experiment with the way, trying and combining details of the wardrobe. Passion for beautiful clothes for girls has long been no surprises, but because the desire to have her own boutique or become owner of a beauty salon - is the natural choice of business, modern and fashionable women. Owning your own business, you want everything to be at the highest level - Clothing necessarily from top designers, high quality cosmetics and salon stylists - only skilled craftsmen. Open Game Lego Friends and you can take guests to their institution, providing them with quality service. Transforming the visitors, offer them a nice haircut or styling, apply makeup or completely change their image, that they appreciated their hidden potential and individual beauty. In addition, the game Lego Friends help settle into its own stables. Which princess do without playful horses? But that they were happy and pleasing to the eye, as well as to win the competition in the race, they need proper care, tenderness and love. Starting the game, first be fed horse favorite treat - juicy and sweet carrots, which she adores. But carried away by the sweetness, it may accidentally swallow the nasty frog. These slippery waterfowl also fans of beneficial vitamins and if time does not drive them away, they hit the tooth horse, causing his stomach pain. When pre-treatment is completed, turn the racing mode, and you find yourself on the racetrack, where is the rest of the race together. Competitions are serious and the best man win. We will be cheering for you because we know how much closer you are with your four-legged friend. In a small built-in screen on the playing field, you can keep track of your performance, which are replaced as your race. Try to jump over all the obstacles and get around opponents to get top marks refereeing and the Audience Award. After each presentation you will open the way to a virtual store, which has everything you need for your horse, but you can still change and its appearance, replacing the mane, tail and even coloring of the animal. Particularly warm look frends Lego games in the summer motives. After recovering from her friends go on a boat, do not forget to grab a swimsuit, because apart idle sunbathing on the deck you have to learn the skill riding on water skis. Performing stunts, do not miss the obstacles that may interfere. Jump over them or Circle, driving keyboard arrows. More Games for Girls Lego frends offer to host a party at the pool and for this ideal platform to build, arranging her friends a pleasant surprise. Own cafe will make a profit and cool ice cream on a hot summer day. Nursery for animals will be not just a business, and a noble cause to care for our little friends. Well Coloring become logical and creative completion of familiarity with this heading.