Never been on archaeological excavations, but want to visit? Go free games Lego Dino and start playing, collecting dinosaur skeleton for the museum.

Imagine if we lived in a time when walked on earth, flying, crawling and swimming dinosaurs. Archaeological excavations and zoological museums we know that they were just huge, and most of the representatives were carnivorous, that is fed on other living creatures. Run away and hide from them is impossible. With incredible power, they are easily overturned heavy stones, and the big growth allowed to reach the victims even on top of the tree. Well, that nature decreed wisely, giving reign on earth lizards and people at a time, otherwise the human race would hardly take place. First find dinosaur fossils led the scientific world in awe. Dimensions prehistoric reptiles explained folk legends, which involved dragons, turning them into stories of legends and tales. But even now, when we know how to live, hunt and feed these animals, they continue to haunt our minds, which is of great interest. Let us also to join the archaeologists to excavate and go, and in the process of Lego dinosaurs games shall find all the bones and collect from them a new exhibit for the museum exhibition. It seems that this event caused quite a stir since it arrived to cover the press. Playground in front of you to be studied carefully. Dug pits clears the brush and remove the find out. Sometimes will come across a working tool. Shovel handy for digging new pits and using pickaxes to break up large stones, then use the shovel again and hold the brush. Doing all the operations you have at your disposal the ancient parts of the skeleton, which is now to be collected correctly. Dino Lego games based on the principle designer and that's due to the connection of parts together. Wait, it seems you and jumbled bones belong to different kinds of ancient dinosaurs! You have to work hard to find the necessary elements, but we believe that you do not fail, do it right and on time, to the long-awaited exhibition took visitors and announced to the whole world. To diversify the categories, we have prepared and other entertaining games Lego Dino. For example, you have to help the little dinosaur born Frankie. It seems that he had stayed in the egg shell and become incredibly strong. Cub struggling to hatch on their own, but without your help it, though, can not do. Before you design a whole, designed to help in the difficult question of liberation. Why is it difficult? Yes, because it is logic should be your weapon while solving puzzles that you have prepared developers. Run the ball well, so he employed a bomb that threw an egg at the wall, where it split in half. Whenever you successfully deal with the job at the next level, you throw a new, is more difficult. Designs are intricate and leverage must be brought into the correct position. When will succeed and free Frankie, he warmly thank you for your assistance. Next game Lego dinosaurs requires decisive action for the release of captive lizards in some bunkers. Gate to freedom of someone blocked and animal protection organizations has caused you as the best expert, able to act in dangerous situations. Speaking on behalf of Ranger, engage the levers on all the gates in a particular sequence, and when the current mission accomplished, play Lego dinosaurs will become even more interesting.