Lego Alien Conquest games eventful. To play online, repulsing the attacks of beetles, aliens, zombies. In each mission, its requirements and in order to win we must fulfill all.

Legoland over lands threatened. It spreads like a black cloud in the sky and its shadow covers the sun hides from people star. This alien aggressors collected huge flotilla and cosmic expanses roam in search of civilizations, to capture them, enslave and exploit natural resources miserable planet. And when chaos will lead to total devastation, they hit the road again in search of new victims. Lego games alien invasion on alert and collect brave soldiers, in order to counter the threat. We will not let that space barbarians we disposed of at home. We have long assumed that unfriendly forms of life and therefore find us ready to meet them. Thanks to modern technology, developed laser cannons, energy fields and other protective and offensive weapons. Our ships are equipped with the most powerful and deadly weapon capable to repel any enemy. Looks like it's time to mobilize all forces and demonstrate the aliens that they raided the wrong planet and here they do not meet happily. Opening the Lego games UFO invasion, you may choose the way of dealing with aggressors and even take their side. You are given complete freedom of action, and if it seemed that the aliens arrived with a peaceful mission, prove it by playing on their behalf. Or maybe you are driven by idle curiosity and a desire to experience the alien ship in action? Such curiosity is understandable because not every day have the opportunity to explore other people's space technology. But then do not be offended if the answer to your earthly fire guns open fire too. Prepare hot strangers meeting in the sky and on the ground. If allowed a touchdown aggressors on our territory, it is time to begin to concentrate and act quickly. Flying saucers came from powerful robots, armed and dangerous. They invaded your city and destroy, destroy, kill everything. Neither character can not remain on the sidelines until his homeland of unrest. In this situation it is useful even a helicopter to attack the enemy from the air. Take aim at the barbarian guests, and smite relentlessly. Uninvited guests had to take defensive positions, many have found shelter and employ tactics unexpected appearance to scare you and confusing. At any moment they may seem to you, even surfacing from the crater. Be prepared for any eventuality and keep weapons ready. Once notice alien, release it and let it projectile Taste earthly hospitality. Lego games invasion, it is always the dynamic of events, acts of war, tactics and coordinated a variety of ways to show accuracy, skill and heroism. Flying and shooting it, so that boys like. Bright, colorful graphics promotes immersion in plot development, and the speed of its development requires the utmost concentration and focus. As a warrior, you need a savvy and ability to quickly respond to changes in the situation, so that the enemy does not slipped behind the defense. Important not just to keep it, and move back and finish completely clear out the invaders. Game series Lego alien invasion deserves your attention because it collected entertaining space stories collected from pieces of the designer. The appearance of objects speaks eloquently of his ingenuity and developers do not mix with anything. Having a lot of potential, these games will continue to develop for your enjoyment.