Free online games Lalaloopsy like girls. Pick outfits for their favorite, assemble puzzles, play hide and seek or go to the carnival.

Lalalupsi dolls have long been favorites of millions. It is noteworthy that the army of fans is not limited to children, classy and modern toys like and adult. Very often, these dolls have become an object of veneration and collectibles at an adult audience. Why dolls are so relevant and popular? Yes, they are quite simple and unpretentious. But it is only at first glance. For the modest appearance of any person notices something nice for yourself, a piece of the feelings and emotions that the creators have put into their product. Free games Lalalupsi give the opportunity to stay with your favorite toys and even in the virtual world. Basically in the game you have to create a new character to the universe dolls. Thus, Lalalupsi games for girls are more interesting than boys. Although, sometimes this game can be interested and boys. Due to the huge range of options open to the boy may be interested in creating your character as an experiment: how will look like a doll in her image when applied to such details. What else is important for most children is the fact that games for girls Lalalupsi allows you to create, together with the doll and her pet. Lalaloopsy - are gaming dolls that have been created by MGA. The main feature of these toys is that they were stylized rag dolls at the time of creation, yet the final version of the toy is made of a more practical and convenient to use plastic. Line of dolls was launched in 2010. The first name was: «Bitty Buttons», but soon the developers agreed on the adjustment of the marketing department and replaced it with «Lalaloopsy». The popularity of the brand has come a year after the start of sales. Every year, the popularity ratings of toys grew, so today doll Lalalupsi - a few puppet lines, a large number of related products, as well as media products that have already established this virtual universe dolls. Last but not least the popularity of dolls is explained and a broad target audience of buyers. According to statistics, buying these dolls girls between the ages of four to fifteen years. Specifications of toys: 1) Doll is entirely made of plastic, including the hair; 2) The growth of a doll in an average of about 33 cm, in the case of the figures line Littles Lalaloopsy, their growth of 13 cm; 3) Set of clothes for each doll is removable, in addition to the dolls themselves to them also sold additional sets of clothing; 4) As the prototypes - rag dolls, Lalalupsi can not stand on its legs: their arms and legs freely hanging along the body of the doll. Once upon a time in ancient times dolls were completely Lalalupsi rag. They came to life with the help of magic when he was made the last stitch on the latest doll in her first collection. Your personality come to life dolls obtained depending on the scraps of fabric that was used to sew them. Noteworthy is the fact that each doll has a birthday, it coincides with the day of the beginning of her sewing. Today in the world of dolls Lalalupsi lives about a hundred characters. Almost every character has its own unique pet. In total, all the rulers were released about sixty full-sized doll, of which eight characters - male. In a series of small Lalalupsi was released twenty four dolls, soft series - twelve, with nine dolls are bendable curls, and this is also the reason to isolate them in a separate line. Know exactly the number of mini-dolls - today they released 107 pieces.