Free Game Kim Possible

At the main character Kim Possible online game there is always something to do: she plays sports in school, saves the world from evil forces, and in all that you have to play.

Each of you or in school or still studying. Everyone knows that such lessons and homework. All really looking forward to change, to take a break from classes bored. But none of you knew that in addition to the usual daily activities can also fight the forces of evil. That those involved protagonists of the cartoon "Kim five plus." In addition, the show displayed the usual teen problems and funny situations. According to the creators of the animated series, the idea of ​​the script came to them after they got stuck in the elevator. Originally, they came up with the idea of ​​a girl who would have saved people and not take it for absolutely nothing in return. After being released from the elevator shaft, they already knew exactly what would be their creation. In the story a thirteen girl Kimberly decides to create its own website. The main idea of ​​the site was that the page will show off an inscription "I can do everything." Once the site came out - quietly Kimberly life came to an end. She had to perform various tasks, sometimes quite meaningless. But in so doing, it helps her loyal friends. Cartoon characters: • Kimberly - the main character of the animated series. Her lush red hair and it does not differ from their peers: as well as all goes to school, playing in a support group, walk and fun. The only thing that distinguishes it from the rest - is that from time to time it makes our world. That's all. Incidentally, the abbreviation of the name Kimberly gave the name of this animated series, and the prefix 5 + likely added because it is in addition to saving the planet still have time to learn well. • Ron Stoppable - cheerful cartoon character. Classmate Kimberly. That red-haired girl with Ron from series to series saves the world from evil. However, quite often Ron becomes more a burden than a help, but it does not diminish its value in the team "rescue." • Rufus - bald mole rat. Second best friend Ron after Kimberly. Mole rat Ron bought in a supermarket Mega Mag because Rufus had no hair, and his father Ron was allergic to it. Mole rats had a very important skill for rescue teams - he skillfully handled the various techniques and more than once saved the boys out of trouble. Rufus almost always dwells in the pockets of his pants Ron. • Wade - the last of the "Fab Four rescuers." Ten-genius who according to legend, the first 8 months graduated from high school and college. He is a specialist in science and helps Kim and Ron, creating for them a different fun and very useful things, while never leaving their room. • Dr. Drakken - the main villain of the animated series. 35-year-old scientist villain who had bullied at school, including the father of Kimberly. His main mission was the enslavement of our planet, thus proving to everyone that he is a genius. In explanation of this cartoon a sufficient number of games where you can control one of the main characters of the cartoon and feel on their shoulders all the responsibility for saving our planet. On our site flash games Kim 5-plus, where you can participate in the life of Kimberly. The games are absolutely free, and you do not need to download and install them on your computer. Just click on the link with the game, and it runs directly in the browser of your favorite! Games are so interesting that they are suitable not only for children but also for adults. Even if you have 5 minutes of free time - do not waste it in vain - you can have a great time in the company of a team of Kim 5 plus!