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MMORPG genre crisis has been brewing for a long time, however, a lot of games are showing promise for the restoration of its former greatness. But the desire for money is destroying not only the country but also of the sphere. For example, many traders who have start-up capital, bought a team of programmers to create a game, but do not think about the marketing and story component. Thus, there are games, exactly in exactly similar to their predecessors. While in this mode of the masterpieces of the player to take a step without money do not give. This scheme is particularly fierce thriving VKontakte. But do not blame the businesses for which they just happily draw up a business plan, no one is cheating. As a result, end up in the black. Even if the game is to shoot at a target five times, to look at their position in the ranking, and then pay money for an extra 5 shots, you still find a couple of hundred people who in order to look at myself in the top of the list will be pay. This so-called self-importance, which in our latitudes are called by other concepts. Ancient, almost primal desire to be compared human males than either - an invincible force. And here it is on the basis of such phenomena appear the phenomenon, which we can see in the world IMO. All surely remember a joke with bashorga how strong guys bespectacled pinned in the corner, accompanied by violence with the words Well, elf level 70, in the real world is not so cool, huh? But on the basis of this kind of psychological complexes also works magic IMO, is in the yard you no one is in the office of your perseverance is worth nothing, but in the game you can sit yourself every right to kill anyone you meet on the way. And it is hardly simple players who do not sit out of the game for days, do not invest in it most of the income, you will be able to somehow get revenge. This is the inner sanctum of the game world in a network. Developer at some point have to make hard choices. On the one hand in order to make money, you need to give players a great privilege to solvent, on the other - just the players will leave the world in which no money can not compete with donators. They come out of the dilemma, separating the donor of the community and ordinary players. Speed ​​wiggle donator simply incommensurable with other players, but the fights are divided into level range so that the donator can meet only those players who you hit enough to resist it. One of the harmonic worlds can be found by asking the search engine Karos Online game 's game.