Games Online The Incredibles

Superhero online game The Incredibles continue to fight with super villains. Help Mr. exceptional crush all enemies.

Superhero theme is still one of the top order of popular culture the 20th century. Drawn in the 30- 50s of the 20th century history in pictures still provide food cinema and animation. Directors are regularly removed from the non-existence of the next savior of mankind and retell his story, using such modern achievements of cinema as 3d, spicing it abundantly special effects. And so that even in his wildest dreams could not imagine the authors of the first comic book in the style of film noir. The logical result is that the comics along with literary and cinematic classics came under heavy, but ironically the fifth post-modernism. Which, as we know, likes to play cultural icons, mocking them, ironically, reinterpreting and using iconic characters and plot elements as the designer to create new concepts. The undoubted highlight was an American film Zack Snyder's film curators, where images of superheroes have been reinterpreted in unexpected ways. This interpretation, where the ideal of fighters against evil is complex, problems, complex characters, a tendency to sadism and cynicism, regardless of the quality of the director's work (and it was at the height ), leaving a thin taste of despair. This komiksovoy noir unvarnished and happy endings demonstrated by Robert Rodriguez in the city of sin. There is still sadder than in the Guardians, for out of the closed circle of sinful this spectacular black-and- white world through struggle with evil does not exist. In fact, a number of classic comic books very often ended in this way, as long as their authors have not yet been commercialized and did not realize that the main character needs a live audience. But there are also optimistic jet postmodern thinking superhero images. This is - a lot of fun and good cartoons exploit the image of the savior of the world and the universe. Here it is also portrayed as an ordinary person, but do not focus on the negative qualities, namely his simple life of the average American. Actually, this is a variation on the theme Bank clerk saves the world. Can not imagine what it looks like? Then be sure to look at the cartoon The Incredibles. And for those who have already seen it, online Incredibles is in a separate section of our website. Here you can meet again with these cute characters are completely free playing in the exciting adventure games, puzzle games and shooters in the online format.