Want fun and pranks? Then open the free online games with Hugo and funny troll explore his world full of secrets and mysteries, look for items in and out of traps.

If you think brownies, trolls, goblins and other fairy-tale characters - it's something vile, disgusting and evil - then you are probably not familiar with sweet and brave sex brownie floor Kuzej troll. In English-speaking countries it is known as being more Hugo (Hugo). The very first game is about Hugo came in 1990 at the console consoles. From the moment it was released a few dozen mini-games, online games Kuzma for game consoles and for personal computers. The basic idea of ​​most games Kuzyu was that evil witch Scylla (or in some versions Xexana) kidnaps his family. Brave troll has to go through many obstacles to free all their relatives and to deal with the witch. Since the beginning of the story about the troll Hugo was released more than 20 mini-games that will take place in different versions of the toy. Here are the most interesting ones: • Applejack: a game in which Hugo and his children grab apples from the apple tree. • Cliffhanger: troll need to climb the rock. On his way across the various obstacles it and asteroids, and dynamite, which is triggered when stepped on and a water cannon, which Hugo trying to bring down. Along the way, he needs to collect extra bonus in the form of bags of money. • Ballooning: Hugo must fly in a balloon, avoiding obstacles: large spikes, canyons, cliffs falling debris. • Travel under water: Kuze need to swim under water some distance, avoiding attacks fish, squid and octopus. So from time to time he must rise to the surface to grab a vital portion of the air. • Labyrinth: Kuzma goes underground where it needs to find a way out of the underground labyrinth. • ride on the trolley: Hugo small car you want to manage in the depths of the mine. On the road he wants to go around explosives and other wagons filled with coal. The allotted time he needs to get to the final destination. • Crossing the swamp: the troll has to go on a dangerous journey through the swamp. On the way he finds creepy bats, bog and various puzzles. • Sani: Hugo down on a sled down the hill, skirting with snowmen and birds, trying to knock him off the road while collecting precious bags of coins. • Biplane: troll biplane flies through the storm clouds that caused the witch, thus skirting the storm and mines and collecting with bags of gold. • Snowboarding: Hugo finds his way to the lair of the witch and decides to go down to him on a snowboard. Unfortunately, the witch became known to his plans, and she tries to stop him: she tries to knock him off his feet, sending huge lumps of snow, arranging on the way pits and other obstacles. This is not a complete list of adventures that you need to pass the little troll to save all your family members. Games free Kuzma you can find on our site. You are invited to travel with domovenkom by intricate maze, make a trip to a dangerous jungle to try to fly a homemade propeller through the ruins and more. On the site you can play online games for free Kuzma. This exciting adventure is suitable for both adults and children, both boys and girls. It does not matter if you have to order two hours of free time or ten minutes - the game can be played with Hugo, not paying attention to the clock. Pleasant pastime is guaranteed to all! Do not waste another minute - go ahead in search of adventure with a troll, Hugo!