People are always afraid of fire-breathing dragons and fought with them until they found a brave man to reconcile the Vikings and winged serpents, and inviting you to play online games How to Train Your Dragon.

On a rocky island Vikings lived, and everything would have been great to y if not raiding dragons that devastated their homes and fields, carried away sheep. The Vikings were known courage and dedication fought with ancient monsters. Most often, they just managed to get rid of, but if the snake caught in hand, he beheaded. But it could not stop further invasion, and one son of Viking chief, Hiccup, decided to try to tame them. The matter is complex, and no guarantee was not that successful. But the time to act, but because he organized school and even created a book "Drakonografiyu" which described the possibility of taming obstinate. Before playing games How to Train Your Dragon, you also have to study it, and only then begin the great cause. Before you outwardly horrible, menacing, fanged and clawed dragons, which for centuries have imposed on people terrified and now you have to turn them if not affectionate kittens, the docile and controllable animals. Do not think that they have the same character just because they belong to the same class. Each must find a way to ingratiate yourself. Games Dragons and riders boobies created by the animated film. Fantastic story now develops on your monitors in the virtual world. You can choose any fun and perform tasks to prove that the idea is not a utopia, and Hiccup is realistic to negotiate with the dragons. The hero is befriended Night Fury, but to do so, he risked his life, armed only with a bucket of fish and shield. Blue Devil spewing purple sphere, directing them to Hiccup. Hiding behind a shield, try not to get under their action, and when tired Fury for you to hunt and make a break to gather strength for new attacks, take a moment. Switch to a bucket of fish and aim at the sight of the dragon, and then throw him a fish. Sated, pangolin and possible mood change, allowing you to talk to him closer. You can also play other games for free How to Train Your Dragon, and waits for his turn Grommel dragon. He seems to have the most fierce and does not admit to himself close, waving studded spiked tail. One well-aimed kick to send you the arena to Valhalla - Paradise slain warriors, where they enjoy the honor and continue their battle for the glory of Odin. As you only have equipment bucket, which must be put on Grommelya, preventing his attack. It was such an unusual way and will curb temper predator. But if this fierce dragon eerily, you should know that to cope with the nightmarish Pristegolovom even harder. He has two heads, which twists on long serpentine necks and ready to grab someone who annoys them especially. The only way out, run around and make more noise to the neck of the dragon went awry, and he gave up in despair. In taming dragons involved even the girls. This is normal, because the Vikings and the kids do an excellent job with a gun, not to mention the beautiful half of the tribe. One of them came against the coil - nice, the fearsome snake. Its peculiarity lies in excellent peripheral vision, but under his nose he can not distinguish because of their peculiar location of the eyes. Using this knowledge, Tame the Shrew, and do not fall under the fire of thorns, departing from its tail and fiery breath. More How to Train Your Dragon online game will introduce a terrible monster - fanged creature that is not fit for melee. Jump on his head and hold at the top, as in rodeo until he humbled.