How to play the game to get a neighbor to arrange means mischief people, and the hero of the game risks becoming a victim of malicious jokes.

In 2000, when the first version of the game about the adventures of the TV presenter, who annoys neighbors live, games of this type has ever had. Then it is called, hit the jackpot. Everything from small to large, regardless of whether they had problems with its neighbors once, played the game for days on end, finding new ways to annoy harmful neighbor. In how to get a neighbor to play now want a few. This stems from the dominance of gaming in general. After all, the game's graphics frankly outdated. And the gameplay, though fascinating, but now looks slightly out of dimensioning. Luckily fans of the genre, the developers have taken into account the failure of three-dimensional versions of Worms, so the game remains only in the classic format. Therefore, as a player can get a neighbor to play online, and it can take a few hours of time to search for and install the old version of the game. But the new version of the old game is not good. More precisely, there are informal games of gameplay continuing the series. They go out and to this day, continues to please the ardent fans of the series, but to the original versions (there were only two ) games as Neighbours from Hell 3 ( and more) have no relationship. It should be said that the honor of the unofficial continuation of game developers, did not affect the three-dimensional two-dimensional nature of gameplay, it is only a simple graphical deception. Why are people risking a violation of international copyright laws, produce games on this subject? It's simple. As developers continue, and the main target audience - a native of the former Soviet Union. In this huge piece of the world, where in addition to the apartment (or a very multi-family ) housing is only the mansions of the rich and the poor slums of the peasants, the problem of bad neighbors is more relevant than ever. Therefore, this series of games has become a kind of computer- nemesis insolent neighbors with their children and drills. People do not just play and play a fun game, they want to unburden himself, revenge is not a computer beings, and very real people of their homes that are not aware that they meddle in virtuality is not safe in a karmic sense. In addition to this series of games, there are also simplified versions. All are created in the Flash format, and hence such games are readily available from the network. Even in the flash version to play as to get a neighbor 2 makes it very excitedly. Do not forget that at the time of the original game, technology geymindustrii were very far from today. So then available on the game disc, you can now easily fit in a flash program on any site.