Offer to play online games Barnyard, where he met the same cartoon characters cheerful. Funny Farm residents fall into different modifications, your task is to help them.

Popular culture has not yet invented a better way to do cartoon characters popular than humanize them. The glorious tradition of the legendary Disney has put its rich gallery of images of anthropomorphic small animals - mice, ducks, dogs. They were able to win the heart of the audience still in black and white or even in the silent version. Since then, the signs of anthropomorphism on the silver screen have gained a variety of creatures. And not only animals, but at first glance, is not adapted for animation inhabitants of the deep sea - remember the favorite emo kids Sponge Bob. Then the epidemic spread to inanimate objects - cars, clocks, candle holders, toys. All of them are in the cartoons become pronounced human features its own take on the character, beliefs and biography. And, as a rule, cartoons about watching them with great pleasure, than those which the protagonist is a man. After all objects come to life only in a fairy tale, and it was her most expect from an animated cartoon. Unless, of course, this is not about Sauze Park, The Simpsons, or the like cartoons. Although, for example, in Futurama also observed a similar trend. But with a touch of science fiction. Take at least a universal favorite robot Bender and Dr. Zoidberg omaropodobnogo. But Futurama cartoon postmodern, grown and stebny. And for fans of animated works, which can be viewed as a family, without blushing in front of the kid behind the ambiguity of what is happening on the screen, suitable, for example, the popular animated series Barnyard. He was removed in the course of a full-length animated film in 2006, as the level of fees in theaters made ​​it clear that the audience want to continue to follow the adventures of favorite characters. And the authors did not make them wait long, and the following year gave fans a full-length series involving bull Otis, a mouse Pipa, cows Abby and the other inhabitants of the estate a good farmer - vegetarian. Their stories within series format applauded by an even wider circle of admirers. Therefore, the trend picked up by the game developers, creating a set of flash cards with Otis and the company in a leading role. In this section of our website we offer to meet with them, even those who have not seen a cartoon series. Because the games involving humanized animals are like one out touching, vivid and entertaining. In addition, our website is one of the few that allow a Barnyard play for free.