Help little lambs get to native meadow during the game Home Sheep Home. Free to play like all generations, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles.

Leisure - a time when you want to relax and have some fun at your pleasure. You can spend this time in very different ways and there are lots of options. A lot of people choose online computer games and spend their leisure time. Of course, outdoor activities nobody cancels, but there is still a large number of causes and conditions under which spending time playing computer games is quite feasible and appropriate. Outside the window, bad weather, and at home with nothing to do? Online games have always come to the rescue. You are stuck in the queue and do not know what to do with this free time? Excellent game you will be entertained. You do not have the mood to chat with anyone, and want to escape, to shift attention and receive a portion of exciting positive? Game Sheep go home, certainly adjust in a positive way and will allow for a very entertaining and unusual. It's fun, full of logical problems and puzzles that are sure to stretch your brain and allow time informative and usefully. Help cute lambs and miserable to get home using the skills and abilities of each, and solving interesting problems - it is the purpose of the entertainment. For example, little lamb is unable to fit through the smallest gap, while large has tremendous power, but little skill, average, in turn, is quite mediocre. So no need to wait on Tolstunov high jumps, and from toddlers to large forces and capabilities. That and try to cope with such tasks. The first level offers a bus to go and collect all the socks that are scattered on the level. In the game Home Sheep Home is a pleasure to play, especially for fans of logical puzzles and unusual entertainment. Control of the game is very simple - with the arrows, and switching between sheep going through the keys 1, 2 and 3. The faster you perform the task, the more points you'll earn. Do not be discouraged if not all will turn out right the first time and will not be allowed to listen to you. Certainly succeed, and you feel like a real winner. All online games on our site is completely free and does not even require registration, so with us you can enjoy without limits gameplay fascinating logical entertainment. Play and let your leisure will be very diverse, and most importantly - brings great pleasure and satisfaction! And we are always happy to go to our entertainment portal and always give you the fresh new items.