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Play Heroes - means to resist the forces of evil, establishing the world's peace and justice.

Turn-based strategy - a very specific genre that is not the spirit of all the players. To play these games you need to have self-control and patience. Even in the course of the game against the computer opponent takes time, not to mention the amount of time it takes for a network game. But if you possess these qualities, and even strategic thinking in the appendage - welcome to the world of turn-based strategy. Players are able to demonstrate their skills, fighting against no less cunning enemies. While the game may be the same long period of time, however, at the end of the game victory can be won by any of the players. For example, in the second Heroes of Might and Magic are maps where the locks are located at a very short distance from each other. But between them will pass the mountain range and the workaround would be to hire more than four full turns. A few hours of play can lead to the fact that players will achieve nothing by staying in their positions. After all, the army grow equally, with equal mastery of combat can not change anything, the players will converge at the half way point, someone will win by staying with a meager army. He is one - to go back home for reinforcements, as long as he comes to the enemy castle, there will be sufficient for the defense forces increase. And at the third hour of the dominant player that has developed in the direction of power and economy, will bring enough troops to beat the opponent and the main army and reinforcements. By going for the win, he did not notice that his counterpart has circulated a guild of magicians, got teleport spell and just jumped in one move to his castle. All troops opponent is so mobile, that can protect both locks after 7 moves he loses. Defeating the equivalent army at the siege of the castle can not - fail. Thus, the simple tactic decided the fate of the match, but he thought a long time ago, when the winner decided to spend the resource is not on the economy or the troops, and on the mages guild. This is just one example of addictive turn-based strategy, as in the real game is much more interesting. Choosing the path of development, control of resources, the correct sequence of pumping - all of which can decide the match. By the way, since the game Heroes of Might and Magic strongly developed. So far, the latest version - the fifth is already done in the full three- teh and can give the player a lot more options for the development and tactical moves. But, as before, to play heroes 5 allows both online and against the artificial intelligence.