Helicopter games online

During online games helicopters can extinguish fires, fight to save the victims. In any case, play them online will be interesting.

When people realized that he could climb into the sky, he is constantly inventing new ways to invent a technique capable to tear it off the ground. You can fly gliders, airplanes, skydiving, space rockets and helicopters. Each variant is interesting, but now I want to tell you about the game online helicopters. These iron dragonflies seem so accessible, but few can say that they flew. This transport is not intended for passenger transport, but is widely used in agriculture, in rescue operations, is owned by presidential fleet and sometimes turn to his services during the construction and transportation of the wounded. He is also a part of military aviation, and many games for free helicopters dedicated just to them. The boys certainly did not have time became virtual pilots to fight in battle. Simulations offer opportunities to get in the pilot's seat or to become a gunner to fire and enemy positions. These brave men take over the management of technology instrument, but when the need arises, will leave the management to the autopilot, and themselves open fire on the enemy. Weapons mounted on helicopters of different caliber and power, but must be present gun and missiles of different range of activities. In civilian life this technique also has to work. This is the lighter specimens without fortified, bullet-proof armor and weapons without tooling. In some Western countries and Europe skyscrapers have helipads for doctors and police. It offers them resorted to extreme cases, when the roads are covered with plugs and no way to quickly arrive at the scene on the ground. During games for boys helicopters you can also take part in an operation to apprehend the offender, directing his dragonfly for runaway machine. She tries to avoid public trails winds between houses in narrow alleyways, hidden under trees. Offender does everything to hide from his pursuers, but vigilantly watching his movements, send the helicopter on his trail. Then you can take part in the rescue operation and pull people from burning buildings, fields, or places of flooding. Raging around the element, the wind blows you away, making it difficult to keep a steady course. Given the adverse factors, try to accomplish the mission and help all the people that are in trouble. No less honorable to help spray pesticides or fertilizers on agricultural fields. Manually rotate the job is difficult and it takes a lot of time, but flying in a helicopter, you can do the job much faster and handle a large plot of land, just dropping down the chemical compositions. Firefighting duties also included in helicopters. Employ them when you need to quickly get to their distress and lose powder on top of the flame. Delivery of goods is also carried out by helicopters where other transport walking difficult. It can be a jungle, desert or sea. Cartoon characters often appear in stories, offering their help. If you need to build a house, they gladly will take to move heavy blocks on his helicopter. Directing it, you should put the goods at the appointed place, because people will not be able to manually move it. There needs sniper precision and skill to keep vehicles in the same position. And when Santa Claus will lose the gifts that meant kids, he also undertakes to fly a helicopter to collect the boxes, which are scattered in the perimeter and save New Year.