Head games are pretty funny and unusual. You'll be playing online, only managing a character's head, helping him put the record in the sports arena.

Bored of realistic racing simulators and look for something unusual, non-trivial? Please head on basketball games, where players look pretty funny, because they have nothing, except the head and hands. Surprised? Well, of course! However, these players are quite unusual loco controlled on the field and deftly sent the ball into the basket. They are not burdened by the body and their feet do not get confused while running, but the head works, it is necessary and will handicap any complete athlete. Anyone who has played basketball knows how difficult his head to send the ball right on target. Such mastery is achieved years of experience and constant training. Yes, and innate talent must be present, otherwise nothing. But you can try for a few minutes to pass a complex path from novice to master and now put the record on points, but the hand to help you. No less fun to play football games heads. Despite the fact that football is played down, and the head is used only in extreme cases where it is necessary to control the ball flying high in these computer games only hope for brain body. And the truth is, not only to eat a meal because your head! During the allotted time, you must contrive to score as many goals this single part of the body. Remember, when a football stadium is beautiful and almost theatrically sends the decisive goal in the opponent's goal. Him a standing ovation, and the coach is almost ready to get married on the player, so he sincerely confesses her love, wiping tears of happiness sleeve around the eyes. This moment for a long time broadcast on all TV channels in the review of sports news, magazines and newspapers and I really do not know what else better angle display situation. Discovering such a game, you may well imagine himself in the role of the lucky and also become a professional by clogging goals against only one head. Generally, the game playing head not to fixate on the two sports. If you like to perform actions limited body, you will enjoy playing with them in volleyball and tennis. Each new sport surrounded by appropriate atmosphere, and equipped athletes respectively. And agree that the tactics for the design of the gameplay very well chosen. Analogues among competing products do not, and because the toy is genuine interest. It's funny, when the head, which itself looks like a ball, suddenly begins to play like himself subject. If no markings, then you can not tell where that. Football game head allows you to participate in the process to two players. While one party manipulates the arrow keys and hit the ball with the letter P (Latin), the second wielding letters WASD, rolling ball space. Toys for two always aroused excitement among people sociable and willing to share everything in half. Many such people, and hence, such a possibility would be met favorably. Invite the company's brother or dad, or maybe you went to visit a friend? Then offer him a new fun and you will have something to discuss. You will see even more bizarre manifestation of the game heads when you head to help pass the levels, helping it to avoid all the traps. She happily rolling on the track, hoping to meet another armless and legless this unfortunate creature, with her to pass the remainder of years, collecting items along the way, sometimes jumps to frustrate the taller or descends. And then bam - the spikes! Scary? And what is it? Do not let your head perish help to stay alive and unharmed among so many dangers around.