Games Happy monkey free

The main objective of online games Happy monkey prevent it become sad or bored. To do this, perform simple tasks and solve puzzles.

Games Happy monkey: Down with tears, best smile! Family of funny monkeys will entertain you in a series of hilarious quest and show them adventure games monkey happy. However, we must also deserve happiness, and as long as the kids in front of trembling tears, ready to spill turbulent rivers and flood your computer. Every time a character is read on the face discouragement, I want to do the impossible, but to make him laugh. Sometimes it makes such a feat quite simply, finding Christmas decorations and decorate the room festive. You just have to be attentive and act logically and succeed. Secluded villages lot and play in such a plot even fun, despite the whining monkeys. But not all the stories are good. Difficulties and dangers lurk funny animals in dark castles, in the Wild West, the North Pole, in space, deserts and woods. Date preparing unexpected surprises and you will meet with the Indians, leprechauns, gnomes, ninjas and others. The next meeting promises interesting introduction, but also commits to the task. All offer free games to make a happy monkey, aimed at achieving the main goal - to achieve the joyous laughter of the protagonist and his family. This requires: • Find out what is missing monkey again; • Look in the secret places; • scouting the terrain at different levels; • Find all of the items; • Apply them; • Interact with other characters and the environment. Accompanying monkey in deep space adventures or an example of a medieval warrior role, figuring in a complex technique or furnished our way of life on the farm, looking for treasures or collecting forest products, investigating office or marking Halloween - look treasured artifacts that will help to fulfill the main mission. Even a trip to the grandfather at the party will be a test if there has been an unprecedented event. For example, you can get lost in an unfamiliar place or meet bullies. Sometimes the monkey falls into terrible place, and especially frightened. And who does not frighten huge spiders, skeletons and ghosts ringing shackles? But overflowing with courage, together you will cope with the horrific troubles to the end to make fun of them to tears. When the tears of sorrow are replaced by tears of joy, this is the ultimate goal of each adventure. Happy monkey - the best series of quests. This trend can be called fun almost unique because there is absolutely no elements of fights. Even encountering danger monkey uses only the power of logic and stubbornness to get their way. It draws a series of products, of which there are several dozen, excellent graphics and simple operation. With new stories picture remains the same juicy, rich detail, while maintaining the overall high quality. Similar games are rare. Every time it is a completely new idea, and adult gamers at least the kids love all the issues about the whining monkey. Even if this is the first acquaintance with the classic quest, you will certainly love this genre. In it everything is subordinated to the logic, because the next step is not possible unless it is preceded by an event occurs. The style of presentation has got unique features and became recognizable: light humor inherent intrigue, a variety of content. You yourself can test a happy playful monkey and put their opinions about the game product. Since all the stories are independent, not necessarily to keep a chronology of their appearance.