During online games Green Lantern before you open the unusual pattern of the cosmos and its inhabitants. Choose your character and start playing, driving them in a fight.

Present fans of the genre fiction familiar intergalactic secret organization - the Green Lantern Corps. He gathered a superhero, who feed on the energy of green. Using the Green Lantern and a special magic ring, they fought against various enemies. The main goal of the brotherhood - the protection of the law and intergalactic space. Comics from the company DC Comics has become very popular not only in the United States of America, but worldwide. In 2011 he published a film adaptation based on the comic book, which bears the same name. And, despite the fact that many critics responded negatively about this movie for many fans of this genre movie was very fascinating and interesting. So soon was planned shooting the second part of the blockbuster. Based on the comic, all the main characters can be divided into two camps: the Green Lantern Corps and the Red Light body. Zillius Zoks - the second oldest in the brotherhood of the Red Light District. Originally Zillius was Green Lantern, but then because of its aggressive nature and anger became red, as red lights are powered by red and negative emotions. Atrotsitus - Commander Corps Red Light District. Does not accept disobedience, in the comics is a true leader for his team. Reiser - first he was a follower Atrotsitusa, faithfully served him and won the confidence of the captain. However, after a successfully completed their job, his faith was destroyed. Atrotsitus ordered him to destroy the Earth. Successfully cope with its mission, Reiser could not sleep because his conscience just ate. Faced with one of the Green Lantern, Reiser asked to kill himself - but Green saw that Reiser fully repented for what he did, offered to go over to the Greens. Since Reiser was one of the main opponents of the Red Light District and the housing Atrotsitusa in particular. Aya - poluchelovek-polurobot of Clan Green Lantern. Humanity prevails over Aya thanks to the presence in it of human emotions, which she often hides. Has superpowers - she knows how to interact with a variety of electronic devices. Just over Aya once a cruel joke played by the feeling of love. Falling in love with Reiser, who broke her heart, she almost ruined everything organic in the open space, but at the cost of her life, she was able to save everyone. Kilowog - strict and gruff coach newcomers in the squad of the Green Lantern. He teaches newcomers how to deal with a magic ring. Hal Jordan - the most famous of all the Green Lantern. In addition, Hal only one who became a lantern from the planet Earth. Around this character largely constructed film about the adventures of Green Lantern. Guardians - a council of elders, who created the Green Lantern Corps. So they created a press confer Green Lantern power. In addition, they broke intergalactic space sector, putting every one member of the group of lamps. On our site you will find a few arcade games with the main characters of this fascinating story. Games Green Lantern suit absolutely everyone: children, adolescents, adults, boys and girls. Available at the game site, and made free online. If you have some free time and if you are ready to confront the forces of evil, if you honor the intergalactic code of honor and justice - Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps! Adventures are waiting for you on our site!