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Gravity Play games online on our website. In games it is necessary to apply the force of gravity and gravitation.

What is Physical Simulation? It is difficult to say, because the developers understand by the concept of different things. One of the versions of the game for the simulation of physical models of man conquered the world. The essence of the game is reduced to a battle of the two men. These manikins consist of balls which mimic muscle groups. Now imagine how difficult it is not something that is such a hero to fight, but also easy to manage. After all, every movement is to decompose into small muscle contractions. Play, as a rule, the two players. For several hours they pick up the movement of his hero, to damage the enemy. Then, a few tens of seconds playing a result which is not very often so, as expected by the players. The game looks even more fun if the game takes place over the network. Then the players do not see each other's moves and get very funny situation. For example, the offense set out to strike a player hand to the head, which exhibited characteristics of motion arm muscles, chest and waist, but did not consider fighting back an opponent. As a result, his model falls on his back and funny flutter, trying to beat the air. Game Masters can do extraordinary things - take down kicking his head like a Chuck Norris in the film, tear off a hero to his head and throw the enemy to play football one's hand. Another type of physical simulation is a game called Gravity. The essence of the game is very global matters. Need to run the ball from one planet to be out of the net on another planet. In this play Gravity is not easy, because at the highest difficulty you only have the mass of each of the planets. So, you need to calculate the gravitational force them to find the optimal path for the task. There are several ways to play in this mode - run at random, just trying to guess the trajectory. Indeed, in the game though and appreciated the minimum number of runs, it is still possible to play golf on the principle - start a shell landing in a new point, start again. Of course, in this mode to keep the ball into the goal with a one time can be spent only a very complex physical calculations. But in the simple mode, the computer prompts the player to conduct a projectile by the dotted line, which greatly simplifies the game, but in fact the highest score you can get only at the highest difficulty level. So the game is not easy difficulty - it's banal clicker. Rate charms and flaws Gravity you can on this page. It does not require registration, except that - for free.