Bender, Professor Zoidberg, Fry and Leela now with you in the world of online games Futurama to free space before you open the world where the past and future are intertwined.

Somewhere in the United States lived an ordinary pizza peddler named Philip. He was no different from other people or the pizza guy and lived a very boring life. However, one event has turned his life upside down. One time, he received an order from a secret lab. Arriving with warm pizza in the box, Phil, did not find anyone inside to give the order, accidentally locked himself in one of the flasks, which proved freezer. Having spent a couple of hundred years in this chamber, Phil moved into the future, where in the beginning met the one-eyed Cyclops girl Lila, who offered him a job in the interplanetary delivery service. It turned out that she owns one of the relatives of Phil - Dr. Hubert Farnsworth. From this point describes the incredibly hilarious adventures of Phil and his team. It is noteworthy that the animated series is not intended for young children, as it contains scenes of violence. Animated series on Fox Network company got a huge following among teenagers. Last series of the animated series, which has seven seasons and 140 series came about in mid-2013 and became the best in the history of this impossibly funny cartoon. A few words about the main characters of the animated series: Philip J. Fry - one of the main characters, which is tied to the whole history of Futurama. Silly the pizza that hit the camera to freeze in one of the laboratories on the eve of the new year 2000 and moved more than a thousand years forward in time. In the future, began to work in service delivery and in each series with his team gets to various funny situations. Most often in the film appears in the white T-shirt, jacket thrown over which red or purple, blue pants and black sneakers. Hairstyle always laid the same (somewhat similar to a mohawk). Turanga Leela - cyclops girl. Is a human mutant. Lila first, with whom Fry met in the future. In addition, Fry falls in love with Leela, but quite a long time makes her disgust only because of the stupidity of Philip. Leela very militant girl she fights well and knows how to shoot from different types of weapons. The cartoon appears most often in a white T-shirt with a large chest, black tights and gray boots. On hand Leela attached mini-computer. Hair bright purple and always tied back. Bender - the main robot cartoon. One of the funniest characters: likes to drink, smoke, have fun in an adult. Besides all this, thief and lazy. Very fond of flub. Works also in interplanetary delivery service. It is the best friend Bender Fry. Hubert Farnsworth - Shipping company owner. Alone of all known relatives Philip. Him 160 years old, he is a scientist, likes to invent different funny and often unnecessary gizmos. Dressed in a white robe, slippers and glasses with huge lenses. Hermes Conrad - working with finances in interplanetary express. Very fond of everything connected with his homeland - Jamaica: food, dance, customs and so on. Often dressed in a yellow shirt and green suit. Dr. Zoidberg - alien mix of human and lobster. Just one of the most memorable and funniest crew and animated series as a whole. Team plays the role of the doctor, although often confuses the human anatomy with the robot and other creatures. Amy Wong - Planet Express intern. Most often wears a pink suit, skillfully obraschetsya weapons. In addition, more than any other girls dress sexy clothes, loves to flirt. On our site you will find a great variety of games with the main characters of the animated series. Games Futurama crammed with fun, American humor and funny scenes. Futurama online games are available for free and does not require installation. If you are 18 years old, if you are a fan of this crazy cartoon series, if you want to really have fun and get a lot of good experiences - start in Futurama games to play immediately and you will not regret it!