Play online learning during a game Furby. Kids like a cute and original pussies.

The younger generation do not need to tell what is an interactive toy. These fun long been loved by kids, and they follow the novelties with great enthusiasm. But if once the fluid movements and the response to a collision with an obstacle the admiration, but today we are not surprised, being able to communicate with toys words and actions. A family of colorful furry creatures were born in America. Since 1998, 57 countries had children the opportunity to communicate with a unique toy, and only in 2013 the opportunity presented itself to us. But to please you, we note that the latest releases have become much more interesting - they have a large vocabulary, improved memory and a set of emotions. While the first wave of overseas interest subsided, we went to the advanced technology. Who created the game Furby, special applications for smartphones and tablets offer advanced management, and even designed the official Russian website where you can get acquainted with novelties. These unusual creatures hatch from eggs. It is necessary to collect and incubate them to populate the city with new characters. When you reach a certain number of the population, receive as a prize a special golden egg. Ferbam respond to touch. Worth tickle them, they burst out laughing, pulling the tail - you hear the indignant squeak, as if to unleash his Ferbik ask you to stop. Communicate on their own pussies ferbiyskom language but easily trained to the language in which you talk to them. They have a rich vocabulary of its own, for example, they can hear these words: bay-bee - baby; boo - not (stop); ay-tay - fast (eat); boo-dah - bad; dah-AY-loh - the sun; dah-ee-tah - oh, yes! ; doo-oo-tye? - How are you? ; dee-doh - buddy; ee-kah - adorable, and many others. Else you can come up with their names, and they will respond. Their emotions and express Ferbiki eyes, which may even break out the fire of indignation. They squint their sometimes pupils dilate or constrict. Eyes as they show their desire: to drink, eat, sleep, play, bathe. To satisfy all the desires of crumbs, select from the menu the desired option and activate it. But there is still Furby Boom game where virtual pets have additional features. 1) Create your Ferbika. A standard set of elements will allow you to completely change the look of the character. Pick him with new eyes, the color of the legs, crest and coat. Pick cute glasses and a hat, and may want to reward him with horns? 2) Select the menu pet. To pussy was healthy and vigorous, he needed vitamins and other nutrients. Begin to play games Furby to choose healthy foods. How well you are treated to a creature will show you the three scales Ferbika state. 3) Free games Furby three in a row. You can aim the cannon color Ferbikom to get into a similar group and clear the site or move so that they line up in a row. Characters are constantly changing facial expressions, and long if they are not to contact, they begin to feel sad. 4) Adventure games free Furby, an adventure in the maze walls. A corridor, you must collect bonus items, but avoid the harmful effects of storm clouds and other obstacles. 5) Practising reaction. Now we need time to click on the arrow to perform a task: to throw a springboard Ferb or hit him with a gun.