Fruit Ninja game fun, colorful and dynamic game. With a sword cut into pieces, rapidly emerging juicy fruit. Try not to touch the bombs that can appear suddenly.

Who would not want a fruit salad, which is replete with a plate and comes Raznocvet fragrant juice? Red strawberries, yellow and orange oranges pineapple, ripe banana, blue plum, green apple mixed in the divine still life and awaken your appetite. Just salivating in anticipation of pleasure from such delectable dishes. Its easy to prepare, but more interesting to arrange the process of the show, as do the characters of the game Fruit Ninja. All the characters are familiar computer games decided a competition who best cope with cutting fruit and ready to show a master class. Everyone has their own tool: samurai sword, sword or simply a sharp kitchen knife. No matter which tool you choose to use, more importantly, accurately and quickly work them to grind food. But to do it to be in the air, otherwise the show will not work. When juicy vitamins fall down or fly up up rapidly catch them on the blade and cut into pieces. Ideally, if you will cut them a few blows, but one will suffice. Score for each move you get points, and the victory will go to those who have earned them more. But the competition is always a catch, and waving his sword, carefully define new object appears visually - of products will begin to appear unwanted items that can not be touched. Envious often tossed into fruit set mine to cut the explosive fruit party and went out of the competition. Or it may be the conditions of the competition, and of vitamins suddenly appears a photo or something else. Playing games fruit ninja, you meet a super Marie, who was an active participant in all entries. So he came here not by chance, but to prove its superiority in skill and dexterity. As a true samurai he jump floating in the air and vigilantly monitors the situation in time to swing the sword and throw fruit juice overflying. Knowing that he is a dangerous opponent, some insecure party decided to remove Mario mix with fruits and bombs. Dasha traveler is also not lagging behind the team and let it the smallest, she will not let the descent. Dasha knows how to wield a knife, and she had it with you always, just in case. That's the sharpest tool in handy when a girl decided to try his luck in the game for adults. Nearby you will see and Ben 10, practiced with his blade. This young man is not afraid of difficulties and ready to fight even with vitamins, chopping them so active that juice shatters and falls even spectators. This looks fruktorezkoy and SpongeBob. He'll rubilovo Fruit and so got excited that overlooks soaring skyward bomb. But you will be close and help him to remain cautious. Suppose he has three attempts at survival, but three lives saved because it is better than none. Loved the game ninja fruit and Santa. He forgot about his old age, threw his beard on his shoulder, rolled up his sleeves coats, pushed back a red hat and waving a knife with the agility of a young daredevil - even cheeks flushed even louder. If he does not stop, soon Christmas fruit salad is so that all people of the earth will have to eat it all week. Of course, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, too, in this friendly company. Perhaps they started this competition, confident that they will certainly get a prize. They constantly train and an excellent command of the sword, that time could not indulge in during a fight. That they then cut some fruit, the more that they could be trained in cutting products for pizza.