Online games Friendship Is Magic

Good, cute, colorful online games Friendship Is Magic invite kids to the world of fairy tales to play with ponies, unicorns, Pegasus and learn to help others.

Cartoons, fairy tales and computer games must be good, instructive, fun, small children to draw from the history of positive emotions, curiously watching the heroes of the story and they have received the knowledge learned to recognize light and dark sides of life, to come to the aid of friends, love close. Unobtrusively through the fantastic stories exude educational notes the younger generation, and the authors of such products have to be carefully selected subjects, replicas and behavior of the characters, so that no single point does not harm the child's psyche. It has now become very popular to create cartoons and toys on their motives, using mythical creatures, endowed with magic. Friendship is a miracle games are ideally suited to this topic and talk about the country of Equestria, where the pieces fit together Unicorns, Pegasus and ordinary earth ponies. These little horses always are busy and everyone has their own role, but they are all interrelated, help each other in cases of rescue dangerous situations and even save the inhabitants of the fantastic world. They have their own princess, responsible for the pure radiance of celestial bodies - the sun and moon, and teaching the main character - Twilight Sparkle, different tricks. Sparkle very good and next to her is always a lot of friends: Fluttershy and Rainbow Pegasus, unicorn and Rarity Pony Pinkie Pie with Applejack. They never get bored, because they have such a good relationship, but in a world where they live, painted in bright colors. During the game, pony Friendship is a miracle small children to get acquainted with all the inhabitants of magical spaces, will be one of the country's gay residents. With unicorns will treat those who need help, with the Pegasus will fly to the clouds and the height will track what is happening at the bottom, even ponies and inheritance will not necessarily find decent employment for their skills. Together, you will not suffer an imbalance of the world, and will always find a way to bring peace. Fantastic time for the creative process, inventing characters a new look. Change them mane, paint fur in rainbow colors and add a few accessories to give them a festive appearance. Useful clips, ribbons and even the glasses in which horses will look very impressive. And when they themselves dressed up, it's time to think about the upcoming celebration. In Equestria foreign visitors come and we must meet them adequately to ensure a pleasant experience. Let's look into the kitchen, where already preparing sumptuous cake, but there was one small thing - to find all hearts for its decoration, and still find figures that lurk somewhere nearby, disguised as a background. If coped with this task, you are waiting exploits the situation for which it was prepared Friendship miracle game. On behalf of a small but brave pony Twilight must save his friends - unicorns and Pegasus. A feeling that someone evil blocked their ability to fly and now they are flying to the ground at full speed. A little more and they will break - the horror! Earth pony had to remember the lessons of magic that he learned and save the inhabitants of the fantastic world. Clicking on friends, it stops their rapid approach to the earth, hanging in a weightless state. First, it is simple, because they are not much, but will soon begin a real disaster when the sky will pour more of his comrades. Still need to be saved in the process Spike pony games Friendship is a miracle. He managed to get lost in the maze and now can not find the exit. Arm torch and go in search of missing.