Game Friends of Angels - another fun based on the animated series. You will enjoy the opportunity to play rpg, coloring and create your own little angel in dress.

Can we trust the evil, and that is good with his fists? Where are the problems and how people power over their own destiny? And maybe more profitable to keep neutrality, and then everything will be okay? In 2007 came the comics, and in 2011 a cartoon, but very soon on the heels of them began to attack the game Friends of Angels, continuing the idea of ​​the eternal struggle of good and evil. Representatives ada heaven and by definition can not be together. It is a union of fire and water, black and white, sweet and bitter, top and bottom. Once they try to touch as disturbed the balance of power, the program fails natural harmony and all fall, still as a house of cards in the middle enough to pull one card to all construction debris. But apart from two apparent opposites there is a third force - the neutrals. They do not support neither angels nor demons. It seems that this is the equilibrium, which at all times sought to people. But the supreme mind conceived that all remained in their places, without mixing, and doing his work - tempt dark and light guard. Games for Girls Friends angels try to show you some times when it is necessary to make a choice, decide to fight, sometimes to suffer, but to win. The war between angels and Demonyata not interrupted, but between them there Rhine - dangerous from a third party neutrals. For a long time she was confined in Limbo, where it was not dangerous. But it seeks to gain power, to throw off the shackles and destroy the established order. To do this, she needed to create just a spider bite that their love will infect representatives of the heavens and the underworld. And when they kiss, she could escape from the sticky embrace of purgatory. I must admit that cunning plan Reyna worked, and Raf angel demon love Sulfusa. After their kiss was neutral on the loose and no longer feels safe. Only by overcoming the impossible and united forces of light and darkness will win a new evil. And while it distributes its machinations, starting games Friends angels play, you will be very useful on the battlefield. All characters have wings and can fly. Everyone has their own character and often a jack seems as charming as its contrast to the heavenly world. We have not met with them so close, if not the situation with the neutrals. Reina mixed components elixirs bearing good and evil. Came an explosive mixture, but it is not connected components completely, and there was no reaction energy, hurry to distribute the scope for various containers, and then the balance of power is restored, and you get to experience, to learn further free games Friends angels. Are coming and hassle old enemies. While demons throw stones at you, you shoot the arrows. Each hit takes you to the single life, depicted in the form of a heart. Do any of you they quickly run out, and he will be defeated, as is well known - the defeated angel, a fallen angel, that is, a demon. Are we friends and angels dress up games, especially for girls who love to change outfits and angelic theme. You will become not only a witness to how Rafi going on a date to Sulfisu, and themselves help her create a fascinating image. Christmas is generally the most important holiday of the angels, and they are preparing for it all year, but because of lack in beautiful costumes will not. Subject kiss certainly present. Without it, where love is born, you can not do. And even if it was the cause of the tragedy, but agree that watching a romantic relationship so nice!