Free Games Freddy Fazbear

Be careful and cautious, especially in the dark, playing online games Freddy Fazbear. In the new game you expect a new adventure and obstacles.

The original approach has been used for its gaming products "Five nights Freddie" programmer Scott Kautonen. He gave the story aspects of survival horror, it means - to survive in a nightmare. As a rule, the horror genre is used for multi-level strategies and quests, but Scott did not miscalculated, creating a series of flash fun. They came out in August 2014 and after a brief test were allowed to spread, so you can play games bear Freddie free. In addition to the computer, they are available for smartphones that helps the majority of gamers to meet with them. Then there are all the classic moments - mysticism, gradually injected new developments tense atmosphere, anxiety, fear and paranoia. To understand what the game will play Freddie Bear, it is necessary to know the history. Mike Schmidt was looking for a job and, for lack of better job opportunities, has agreed to work in a pizzeria watchman in the night watch. In any other institution it would be a boring job, but not here. The first night he gets a message from the old guard who decided to enlighten Mike, what he got involved. Every night, they go out of their niches animatronics. Previously, they worked with visitors to the cafe during the day, but after the accident with the child, which carried half animatronic heads, they were forbidden to appear among the people. This event is called "Sting 87", and the mention of it brings to people the incredible horror. Completely turn off the dolls can not - by a long inactivity of the servos are locked forever. Old guard Mike gives other instructions - not fend for themselves animatronics for nothing! Once they spotted a man, they think it's endoskeleton - unfinished toy, so try to catch it, and push into the skin-bear costume Freddie. Armed with this knowledge, and the fear, Mike continues to go on the night shift at work appearing in 12 and leaving at 6 am (for us - 8-10 minutes). This time, when he could barely breathe in terror, trying to survive. He does not leave the shelter, watching the bathroom on the monitors in the picture that interference and noise output of the camcorder. The problem in the fact that the generator is almost exhausted, and if overused electricity, they are quickly discharged, the light goes out, then certain death. Passing game Freddie Bear 2, including camera angles and lights for a few seconds, enough to power up in the morning. When the batteries fail, the light turns off for a few seconds until you turn on emergency power. Should this happen, a lullaby sounds and will start to show closer bear Freddie. With the end of the music, and extinguished the light, and then Freddy catch and kill Mike. Sometimes the camera shows a newspaper article - interviews with eyewitnesses. They believe that a man dressed in a suit Freddy kills children. They are also not happy with the blood stained mugs animatronics and their stench. Freddie Bear Game 5 was gradually added new rooms, and set traps. Unable to move, you can only control mechanisms and electronic door locks. And if you will detect animatronic, your song is sung. • Chick - Yellow chicken in bib with the slogan: "Do come on! "; • Foxy - red fox. Awesome view of it is given an eye patch and a sharp hook where there was a paw; • Bonnie - rabbit violet-blue with a guitar and scarlet butterfly; • Freddy - brown bear with a microphone; • Freddy Gold - Yellow Bear, sometimes flickering on the monitor. All games 5 nights with Freddie inspire horror, but attracted no less.