Fun Games Online Fluffle Puff

Funny online games Fluffle Puff tell the story of a pony who loves to play with friends. She is very cute, curious and with long pink hair.

Opening a new enchanting story, sometimes surprised by the abundance of incredible worlds that are hidden from us. Sometimes we are able to look into the mythical country to consider its inhabitants and tell them about you, dear players, and this column is devoted to unicorns, Pegasus and small ponies that live in the clouds on the other side of the rainbow. We invite you to Fluffy Puff game where you get to know them the main character - a sweet, pink and a shaggy ponies that sometimes she herself entangled in his long fur. One day she saw a unicorn over the rainbow disappeared, and she wanted to see what there is. She bounced strongly and managed to move to a magical farm where lived together the most fantastic animals, eating the same rainbow. Puff also tried to treat, and it turned out sweet. She liked it so much that now her diet is only this dish. First she met a lovely filly and when she asked the name of the newcomer, she slurred with protruding tongue, smacking and grunting, replied: "Fafl Fpav." Filly liked the answer, and she gently hugged the pink pony, saying: "You are my Fluffy!" So Fluffy held the first acquaintance with the locals, and she decided to settle here permanently. Another pony was surprised to see that, not knowing the local language, suddenly understands and even speak it. Puff did not know how to fly itself, but she came to the aid of Pegasus, but the jump and ride a pony in the clouds is obtained independently. She liked the residents farm the naivety and curiosity. They were also amused how it goes - small steps. This is because of its long fur coat prevents rearrange short legs, which can not even see out of it. It generally looks like a big fluffy pink ball, which sticks out of the nose and the eyes only, and still often little tongue sticks out when she indulges in, teasing or obsessing over something does. Curiosity prompted Puff settle in the library, where she is always reading something or draws. But here's the strange - it's worth it to finish the drawing, she immediately eats a pencil! Perhaps she thinks it tastes the same as the color of her favorite rainbow, but it does not say anything about it. It turns out very funny when driven by the same curiosity, Puff studying bubbles. They play colors and shades, and to consider them and sniff them pony nears its muzzle close. Coming into contact with it, burst bubbles and lather gets in your eyes and burns them, why horse begins to roll on the grass. Play games Fluffle Puff always interesting, because we left there is always a new story, allowing acquainted with the inhabitants of the rainbow world, getting to know them better. Puff easily invents a new role and so interested in it that completely transforms it created with the image. Once, when she studied the bowels of the library and a minute left unattended favorite treat, it suddenly disappeared. Now she saw herself as a detective, and creeping to other visitors to the library soft pink ball, with a squint studying their behavior. Is it the behavior of many scares and they prefer to leave the territory, but are brave and that easily withstand closer look. Faced with such equanimity characters now Puff not withstand response sight, and prefers to retreat. In the end it turns out that she suspected nothing friends, because no one was going to steal her treat. Still a lot of interesting stories to tell you a little, kind and very shaggy pink pony.