Online games Fiksiki narrate amusing little men who are the soul of art, helping her work. Sure kids will like to play, getting to know them closer.

Why working appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, tape recorders, televisions, computers and other? Pundits say that this is a complex process of physical, chemical and electronic processes by which appliances perform their functions warming, cooling, sound and display. But it's much more fun to think that this is due to little creatures that live inside the instrument, leading them into action. If all else fails, they will understand it and immediately rush to the problematic place to correct the failure. Herein lies the real magic, which becomes available to us, so in every home. Eduard Uspensky - author of the novel "Guarantee men," by which wrote the screenplay for the animated series "Fixies" in 2010 and released his studio "Airplane." So wonderful products we can be proud, because his idea - domestic child, and not the foreign reconstruction theme that has become fashionable in recent years. And therefore those presented Fixies free games that you can see, we have also developed. Virtual fun made with the same sense of humor as an animated film to bring you true pleasure to take part in the adventures of men of color living in the art. Fixies free games online will present you with all the family of these creatures, and even their friends. Everything happens in the apartment Dim Dimycha boy, who also has pets: Chihuahua Nippers and bug Beetle. Family is much more diverse Fixies: Dad Papus green, pink Masjanja mom, hitting his red vegetation - hair and beard grandfather Dedus, daughter Simca too orange and sonny Nolin appears to us blue. Keep the color palette classmates Simcoe: Fire red, purple and yellowish Shmul Igrek. Each character is able to do many things perfectly aimed at the continuation of household appliances. They act on one, but often together. And the girl is not worse than the young men cope with chips and chips. When all urgent cases are completed, you can have a little fun, and that offer games Fixies play for free. Before you air hockey, in which using the platform necessary to catch the ball, running it up. It could easily fall if you miss, but if hold and whacks fall can break colored blocks that are glued at the top of the game screen. It's like a game of ping-pong racket when it is necessary to beat the bouncing ball, so he does not drop and left the game. Going into space, you can manage this missile. It develops an incredible speed and sweeping the path meteorites. A bit of movement suspended, but the hull did not suffer, because the men themselves worked on the design. They also collected a real car and ready to go to the conquest of trails. They are very interesting, as it might, and how long he will stand on the road with obstacles at full speed. Also prepared games for girls Fixies, including numerous coloring, fascinating puzzles depicting scenes from the cartoon. Opening game Fixies online free, you give yourself the pleasure to participate in a variety of situations that arise in everyday life little creatures. Soon the New Year, and Papus found that garland for the Christmas tree torn to shreds. It is urgently necessary to collect pieces together to ornate decoration lights lit up. When performing any task you'll earn game points, and if potreniruetes racing, you can overtake any party and become a true champion.