Cute games Fijit Friends devoted sweet robots who like to talk, sing and dance. Very fun to play for free with Willie Logan, Sage and Seraphin.

Interactive toys is not a fantasy and almost every child has a talking doll, teddy bear, telling tales or poyaschaya Masha. Dogs and kittens, dinosaurs and machines have learned to communicate with us, respond to voice commands and touch. Today we meet new friends - a friendly robot four Fijit Friends. These are very sweet, kind, cute men are made of soft material. Despite the rather simple external design resembling rather nevalyashek, these robots are mobile enough and plastic and rubber coating resembles velvet fabric, making it pleasant to the touch. Toys are able to respond adequately to human words, so far only English, answering one of the comic phrases which they are programmed. Such replicas hundred and fifty, but laid the robots the ability to learn and if you try, you can vary their vocabulary, and simultaneously pull themselves English. Also, the robot responds to sound and easy to teach him to bow when the phone rings, and in the evening, and wished him good night, he will respond in kind, funny hryuknet and shut up in the morning, his head bowed, until you wake him up with a good morning greeting. In addition, the robots are very musical, having fun singing and dancing, especially when all four gallant gathers: Serafin pink, purple Will, yellow and blue sage Logan. And they move in perfect sync, which is reminiscent of a professional dance troupe. Their movements are smooth, but quick and perky. They were slightly bouncing happily smiling and winking. With such a company can make a real party and no one will be bored. And they love to cuddle and just purr when they were touched. You can tell them not only in color, but the shape of the antenna, which resemble antennae on their head. Cost toys to market, like all children, and especially girls, want to have friends. To give joy to communicate with robotic aliens were created game Fijit Friends, which lay the basis for men to love music. Each version of the game they dance, create musical notation, sing something, and even catch the notes. Music seems to replace them all, and they eat it, not just to live, but to live a fun, with a twinkle. Open bolder robots games for girls Fijit Friends and join the club of fans of funny creatures with whom you never get bored. Even if you have a bad mood, give colored friends catch cleanse melodious note, but because they are painted in different colors, each corresponding to a particular robot. Send to each queue to its line, and when they are engorged music, their good mood and be passed to you. Other games for girls robots Fijit Friends also related to musical sounds and dances. The more fun, the happier you become robots, and when friends are gay, and you do not need to be sad. It seems that your old dream come true about talking toys. Now they do not just make sounds, and respond to you, dance with you, embrace and even sleep when you do. They are easy to perceive as pets, especially as they are only happy when they hug. If the proud owner of four funny robots you have not become, come to our website and have fun with them online. You will see that they are even in computer games charge a special mood and energy that you will still be maintained throughout the day, accompanied at school, at home and walk for lessons.