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With the passage of time and changes in generally accepted trends in motor sport, street racing is becoming increasingly popular. Powerful charge extreme, such illegality races unbounded rules and regulations - all this makes a circle stritreyserov grow every year. For those who are not ready to get behind the wheel of a real car to compete in speed, there are games Furious. Modern technologies allow to format racing simulator to convey not only the atmosphere of this race, but the whole spectrum of emotions, which is experiencing a real racer. In this case, the game is not at risk for life, because all crash and accidents occur on the screen. It is also noteworthy that the racing games on the film series "Fast and Furious" in contrast to films have no age limit. Absence of violence and forbidden scenes allows you to play games such riders of any age! Open to everyone and easy charm Prohibited actions and illegal - these are the main reasons for the popularity of street racing. Do their job and play online racing Fast and Furious: they are realistic and popularity carry fans of the genre in the world of steep turns, dangerous and disturbing the blood races adventure. Atmosphere drive, a splash of adrenaline and inexpressible emotions are guaranteed to all who will bring your car to the starting line. Even if it is not done in real life, but in terms of the simulator. "Fast & Furious" is a popular franchise, a basis for a whole series of films golivudskih. Leitmotif of each painting in the series - it's street racing, high speed and tuned cars. History of the universe "Fast and Furious" begins in 2001, when the studio «Universal Pictures» released in the first film rolled about the racers and the thieves and the picture gained a runaway success in the viewers circle. Subsequently, the success of the first film was extended with five sequels, and two short films related to the history of the universe of street racing. Popularity of movies could not remain without attention of game developers. Simulations Furious races in the universe - it's a cool hurricane racing cars, dangerous race and incredible action that is not "let go" of players off the screen even for meals. Movies universe "Fast and Furious": 1) "Fast and Furious." The basis for the screenplay became popular newspaper article, which tells about the club street racers, regularly organized competitions in the streets. Racers competed on conventional cars available for sale in a store that's just their internal mechanisms and appearance subject to the procedure improvements - tuning. Heroes of the first film played so impressively that immediately became mainly a series of subsequent films, and the actors most people have since been associated exclusively with street racing. 2) "Double Fast and Furious." Continuing the story of the first film, the second film is based on the fight against criminals. The catch is that the criminal clans - it's not just thieves, murderers and repeat offenders, but also a great racer, to capture that require people with the appropriate skills ride! 3) "Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift." The story, which is not related to the previous two story movies. Unlike the film is also the fact that the protagonist has to move to Tokyo, and here the local riders not competing in speed and drifting! Exciting adventure American boy among Japanese drifters! 4) "Fast and Furious 4." Underworld again returns to the screens through the fourth film of the series. Investigation attacker who still represented in the film goodies leads him to a very interesting data. It turns out that his sister's death there strange moments with which the police can not or do not want to understand ... 5) "Fast and Furious 5." Previous film led the main character in jail. However, friends can not leave him in the lurch, organizing release of a prisoner during transport. Hiding in safe Brazil, new friends to fight: with local criminals who chase perfectly on their vehicles. 6) "Fast and Furious 6". Currently, the latest film in the series continues the story, which was interrupted by the events in Brazil. Desire to return home makes the protagonists agree to the terms of special services and get in the way a dangerous gang of criminals, guns in London. Dangerous skirmishes, police intrigue and incredible speed - this is what awaits the viewer in every movie series!