We invite you to play free online games farmer, in order to feel like the master of the farm. Grow vegetables and grains, buy and sell goods.

When spring comes, the man pulls on the nature to lie in the grass, swim in the river, bask in the sun. And where is all this excess? That's right - in the village! But this is only the residents of urban paved roads it seems that life in the village is committed pleasures when you can drink daily fresh milk, just eat fruit from the trees, and all around you are given free of charge. Potatoes, cabbage, carrots, strawberries, apples, tomatoes and cucumbers, raspberries, currants, and many other fruits and ovoschey not need to buy at exorbitant prices on the market or store. Just came out in the garden, dug or pulled - there's your food. And if you start an apiary and animals, then you and fragrant honey, straight from the tin and testicles out of chicken and hog fat on growing. That's just all seems accessible only from the outside, but for the fact that it would grow, requires constant care of his farm without weekends and holidays. We offer you to play games online for free farmer without registration, so you can fully evaluate the conditions of workers fields. To start you will have a small plot of land which you must turn into a developed and competitive farm. And since a lot of similar games, the conditions and all assigned tasks will be different. Farmer simulator game should teach you to act reasonably, progressive, logical and persistently. No not the first time became a wealthy entrepreneur and you face a difficult path in the formation. First, modest money you can earn by growing grass and selling it to their neighbors, as feed for livestock. Then, buy some vegetables seeds and growing them to sell on the market. It is necessary to follow the requirements of the market and if the indicators suggest that there is a need in tomatoes, it is unlikely you will sell a crop of cucumbers, if you go against these requests. In real life, everything happens exactly in such a scenario and play area farmers adhere to principles of life. Over time, you will help out after the sale of another batch of goods is a lot of money, and it will allow you to buy more exotic plants and mechanize their farm. When the land becomes more a shovel not dig up a lot. Therefore, tractors, combines and other equipment will greatly facilitate your life. And when you reach a certain status, you will enter into contracts restaurants and shops for the supply of goods. This is a significant leap in your career farmer, but also more responsibility. All products must be fresh and delivered to the customer within a specified time. Worth several times to torpedo the deal, as you refuse to. Undermine the reputation would not be good, because other entrepreneurs do not want to deal with you. Soon you will get rich so that you can build your own factories and mills for processing raw materials and manufacturing products. The eggs can make egg powder, grind grain into flour and baking oven, converted into sugar beets, from milk to make sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter, cream. Similar products are already more expensive and sold customers willingly. Raw vegetables or the finished product you will be sending to your own warehouse, and then to shipping and send on-demand. But space in the warehouse is not too much and try not to delay because the shipment of goods. Each farmer game free offered to your attention. Can choose to specialize and grow vegetables or keep a chicken farm and animals. But you will still play free farmer.