Free Games Fanboy and Chum Chum is invited to play online with two inseparable friends. Their crazy ideas and adventure will not get bored.

Hidden Treasures always attracted adventurers. Of course, by this possibility could not pass by Cham Cham and Fanboy, because they are perekopschikami roads! Games Cham Cham Fanboy - is a funny adventure by car heroes in search of the coveted treasure hidden in the bowels of the earth. But on the way to wealth are always obstacles. So this time the player will help favorite hero to overcome all that gets in their way. Fanboy and Chum Chum Games require attention, reaction and ingenuity. As the obstacles encountered on the way to the treasure can be considered even complex street traffic: go around the machine is extremely difficult, especially given the breakneck speed driving heroes. But reckless driving and heroes has his own explanation - they are so much want to find the treasure that stop them and frustrate the desire may or accident or success. Facilitate the task of bonuses, which now and then occur on the road. That's just to get the maximum benefit from them, they must be used wisely. "Cham Cham and Fenboy" - a popular American TV series, born in Frederator Studios. The premiere took place on American television in 2009, and to show our open spaces flew only in 2011. Since its broadcast children immediately gave positive assessment to the new series, because he was the actual needs of the modern young viewers. The main characters of the animated series: Fanboy - this eleven year old boy who loves to fantasize. If you believe his stories, it is home to Finland, although believe it is not always possible. Very often Fanboy comes unwise because of their own stupidity. The highest score in his school leaving certificate - "deuce." Loves waffles and mayonnaise may even have these products together. Very often breaks toys Cham Cham; Cham Cham - a dreamer, like Fanboy, but in his nine years, he is clearly smarter than his older friend. Of food loves pancakes. According to Cham Cham, his birthplace - it Chalkistan. Very touchy, it is very easy to hurt, which, however, are often able to Fanboyu. Very much loves his toys, which they, along with fanboev during lessons hidden in their desks; Kyle - a twelve-magician, whose abilities are constantly being questioned Fanboy and Chum Chum. Was expelled from a prestigious academy of magic for what turned he did not like the teacher in the candy. After conversion of the instructor was successfully eaten. Cham Cham and distrust fanboev to his magical powers provoked a bad attitude towards this couple. In addition, Kyle does not like the constant fun and Cham Cham and Fanboy just this regularly and engaged; Yo - this is a very cheerful and always playful girlfriend fanboev and Cham Cham. Although, in some episodes of the series is Yo serves as the main antagonist for our heroes. Basically its negative actions boil down to the fact that she loves to torment Cham Cham. One of the favorite activities Yo - is caring for a variety of their virtual pets; Oz or Ozvald Harmunian is infantile owner of the store with toys and comics. Oz older heroes, but in my twenty years, he continues to live with his mother and unquestioningly obey her around. His negative feature - this abuse in his speech the word parasite, in the series, however, as in the game, he literally every word or two inserts: "Seriously." His positive quality is that he is always ready to come to the aid of the heroes; Mr. Hank Maflin - a teacher from the school in which the study Fanboy and Chum Chum. Hates it when during his lessons the students play with toys. Loves to own pastries, often he manages to bake beautiful cupcakes. Spends the night in a tent, which lays in the middle of its own class. Once got into a fight with this bear.