Ever play the after Hai online delight fans the famous cartoon. After all, they, too, are filled with magic, adventure, as well as the ability to transform the heroines.

May 30 last, in 2013, the creators of the series of dolls Monster High (Monster High), gave their fans a new version - Ever After High (Ever the after Hai). As puppet monsters syskali kids love kids, we can confidently say that the young lot will be demanded. It should be noted that the after Hai Ever look more realistic, as opposed to the Monster High - creators by giving them more proportionate bodies and faces the correct form, close to human. In addition to the characters themselves, in 2014, went on sale in the summer of "The Book of Legends", released six thousand copies, as well as in the stores appeared themed clothing by type Ever the after Hai. As for the after game Ever Hi, this is the most extensive branch themes, and you will discover the many fascinating stories with all the heroes. You will be returned to the school for special teens. As is the case with monsters, heroes kiddies a variety of fairy tales have to acquire knowledge in a specially organized for their school, so as not to attract undue attention to the well-known names. You will get acquainted with the sons of Robin Hood, The Frog Prince and adventurer Humpty Dumpty, as well as with her daughters beautiful Swan Princess, The Mad Hatter, cute Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, insidious Evil Queen and others. Descendants of such well-known characters are forced to make a decision, they will repeat them foreordained destiny, or will a new way. Everyone has their own opinion, which divided them into two clans. 1) The clan heirs - Royal. This includes mainly princesses and princes, who are quite happy destined and want to keep its natural course: Apple White, Ashlyn Ella, Lizzie Hearts, Brier Beauty, Duchess Swann, Holly O'Hare, Dexter Charming and Blondie Locks. 2) Clan apostates - Rebel. This group brought together those who disagree c mission entrusted to them. Life of the parents does not seem attractive to them, and they do not tend to repeat it. To combat the fate united: Poppy O'Hare, Honter Hantsmen, Raven Queen, Cerasi Hood, S. A. Cupid, Cedar Wood and Medellin Hetter. The most interesting game Ever the after Hai: 1) We treat all teeth, and transgressors and heirs. When the pain hurts, everything seems to be insignificant, and your mission - to save the dolls from the blackened teeth, heal all wounds and close the gaping holes implants. 2) Ever the after Hai games dress up games make up a chic collection of various gaming options. Each representative of an unusual school several times will become your model, because they have so many events that make life worth to dress up. 3) Games Ever the after Hai Action challenge you to show skill and courage. Wandering through the school, pick up all the necessary items for the game account and jump over the potential danger to maintain a high standard of living. 4) More Free Games Ever the after Hai invited to beauty salons where girls will be able to experiment in a particular sequence with masks, lotions, creams, makeup palette. Then make doll hair and pick up a pretty piece of jewelry that will complement the whole outfit. 5) Games Ever the after Hai free invite also enjoy cooking. A range of cocktails, sweets and more serious, traditional teach you to cook the kids kings, princesses and mermaids. 6) During the search, please be patient to find the differences in the pictures, in the deck - Double card, as well as items from the tape jobs that are scattered randomly in the perimeter.