Get ready to play online games colorful Equestria Girls, where you can come up with the most vivid image of a cute character, changing the details of clothing, hairstyles and accessories.

In this section, the girls will enjoy one more magical story with the girls pony Equestria. One Sunset Shimmer managed to steal the crown from Twilight and now the latest there is nothing like going to the human world after the thief, where all the fabulous pony certainly also become people. Thus began an adventure girlfriends, which they did not regret it, because were able to get a new valuable experience. Equestria Girls Games imbued with magic and good magic. They are beautiful, colorful and attractive. With every heroine does not want to leave, because her company feel cozy, comfortable. Seeing himself in a new guise, Rarity and other pony girls decided to reap the benefits of people and their clothes to try to become one of us. Of them, each in their own way beautiful, and to communicate with them is a pleasure, helping to pick up the outfit. This is something that is very simple, and costs only drag the mouse on the selected new thing Rarity, as she would have to perfect it on the figure. Each icon on the playing field to the right you see the graphics that make it clear what is hidden behind them: shoes, dresses, blouses, skirts and breeches. There is even the possibility to choose the color of the skin and is easily replaced native purple white, green, yellow or other shade. Very interesting to create a hairstyle - first you must choose the shape and color to choose because the individual strands at their discretion. All Pony Girl Equestria ready to introduce you to each heroine separately, allowing you to enjoy socializing with them to dress up in the most fashionable outfits and consider it carefully. And because girls love to tinker with costumes and accessories, they are unlikely to get bored of such acquaintance. In addition to the heroines you learn to dance, and then all at school discos not get along without you, because what will surprise classmates. With Pinkie Pie - this famous sweet tooth, you'll be able to cook and then eat all the sweets. In its confectionery always have something to make money: candy rolls with cream, cakes and pastries, ice cream, butter and jams. Help Pinky sell goodies to her shop has become even more popular. In merry quest you will help Twilight Sparkle and perform tasks together with her friends to come to a goal. Somehow she got out of Ponyville Equestria in the country and now it has many problems, but the tips will help you to deal with the tasks, because friendship is a miracle game Equestria girls do not throw your in trouble. And when you decide to change the style, take a look at a new game where Jack saloon EPL - another girl pony, which will help you choose the original and fashionable hairstyle and hold a full range of care looks. Following all the instructions and tips, you will learn how to care for your face and hair that will come in handy now and when grow up to in any situation look stunning. Games May Little Pony Girl Equestria attracted attention for its positive, goodness, beauty. But especially girls like these cute ponies that they live in a fantasy world and came to us to share their energy with people. They are harmoniously blended into our society and like always lived among us. Communication with such marvelous creatures helps to look at the world in a new way, to see it glowing colors, smile sunshine and rain, the early day and the starry sky. Ability to rejoice always, remain optimistic and find a positive in everything - it's a talent Equestria girls and they are happy to share his secret with everyone wanting to enter into the society of good people.