Emperor Kuzco games allow exciting to spend leisure time in the company of the emperor. Having started playing online, protect the castle and take part in sports merrymaking.

If you think that the emperor might be just the person - you may not have looked great Disney cartoon called "The Adventures of the Emperor." The protagonist of the cartoon - narcissistic egoist Cuzco - Emperor of one of the territories on the site of modern Peru. First, though, he was an ordinary man, but his ex-councilor Ishmael, who he fired, he decided to take revenge and with the help of his friend decides to poison Cusco. However, her boyfriend mixes potions and the protagonist turns into a llama. While walking around Cusco in the image Lama Ishmael self proclaims himself the new Empress and tells everyone that died Cusco. Now the task Cusco justice and regain human form, and to punish the rebels deserved way. Protagonists wonderful cartoon drawn and each is unique: Cuzco - the main character in the cartoon. Emperor, which was turned into a llama. Selfish, careless, do not listen to other people's requests. At the beginning of the cartoon wants to build a big house with a swimming pool. At the end of the cartoon character Cusco change when he poputeshestvuet Lama in the image and when those to whom he selfishly concerned will try to help him. Ism - Counselor Emperor Cuzco. It was she who persuades his friend, that he poisoned Cusco to itself become an empress. Poison the Emperor does not work, but it turns out it turn into an animal. After conversion, it proclaims itself the Empress. Kronk - Isms foolish friend. His role in the illustration was just the fact that he poisoned the emperor Cusco, with which he, of course, failed. Rather, managed, but not as expected Ishmael. Pacha - village elder. It is on the site of his house in Cusco early cartoon wanted to build a house with a pool, calling it "Kuskotopiya." Later Pacha will try every effort to assist in the acquisition of Cusco its original appearance and restore the status of the emperor. Five years after the release of the first part of the cartoon in the box there was a second part where the protagonist has become one Isms - Kronk. He decided to open his own eatery in which it is not only the general manager, but also a master chef. After learning that he had been going to visit his father, Kronk is going to show himself in the best color, and, without realizing it, misses the insidious conspiracy Izmoy that gathered to help him. However, things do not go as you want Kronk: everything goes wrong, it turns out not much as he wants. However, to help him come true friends - they joined forces to help his friend in that he did not goof in front of his own father. Like "The Adventures of Emperor?" Then welcome to contact us! At our site you can immerse yourself in the exciting adventures of the main characters of the cartoon "The Adventures of the Emperor." Cusco online games like all fans of this fascinating story. Free games Cuzco suit absolutely everyone: very young and adults, and boys and girls. Created based on the original cartoon games Emperor Cuzco immerse you in the atmosphere of the ancient world, where everyone is fighting for a place under the sun. Also games that created the script, on our website you have the opportunity to try out other roles, playing arcade games Cuzco School, where all the favorite characters will be several other roles, however, remain the same, with funny and memorable as a cartoon about the adventures of a man turned into a llama.