Free Game Doodle Jump Ninja

Free online game Doodle Jump, performed in a funny plot and talk about funny alien who jumps on platforms and performs different tasks.

Everyone who can not sit in one place, like jumping and having fun, can now do so in the virtual space, when in reality it is impossible. That free game Doodle Jump Ninja help you with this and allow time extremely incendiary and interesting. Each game Doodle Jump Ninja online - a lot of drive and action capable of igniting any gamer. These entertainment confidently conquer the virtual spaces and win the hearts of more and more users. All this is not surprising, as the game Doodle Jump online - this is a very high quality product and fun gameplay with entertaining storyline and good graphics. You control a little man Dudlerom that endless jumps should climb as high as possible and at the same time to overcome a lot of difficulties and defeat all the enemies. Monsters and monsters on the way the hero constantly intrusive prevent him from moving toward the goal, and he has skillfully deal with them. Successful struggle for the player receive points that you need to collect in order to move to new levels. Management in the game by arrows and jumping Dudler himself. To jump was as high as possible, the game has a platform, tiles and so on, which can be used for these purposes. On these subjects would like to discuss in more detail. Thus, the spring - the most common, allows for split seconds to take off on a crazy high, but can be dangerous if you do not calculate the flight, because so you can easily run into the enemy or not to fly to the next subject. Trampoline - similar to the spring, but the flight provides even higher. Boots-skipping - subject to take-off, which is designed only five jumps and then disappear. Hat helicopter - a small headpiece that can give a sense of the coast past all the platforms that are often just need to, because there are also dangerous platform. Jetpack - this is what is most needed for Dudlera, because it is the most handy assistant - he flies high and far the most and with the greatest speed. Although it also has one drawback - it's lack of opportunity to shoot for a hero. Shield - a protective shell for Dudlera in which he can hide from enemies, but not from black holes and UFOs. This protector acts just ten seconds. Rocket - the most rarely found thing, it superfast and nimble. In any case, to make the best use of these items and manage Dudlerom, the player will need maximum dexterity, skill and care. So open yourself for Doodle Jump game and develop your reaction speed and many other qualities that are necessary in real life.