Dolphin playing games online is very popular with the girls. With these interesting mammals frolic in the pool, and perform tricks for them to build beautiful pools.

Dolphins are mammals of the order Cetacea family and not to fish, as many believe, although their natural environment and water remains. About the mental development of these creatures have no doubt they surpass even his intellect man. Their vocabulary of about fourteen thousand tones, they have a social conscience and are able to sympathize, empathize and help. Not just a man faced with the fact, as a dolphin rescued drowning, helped the sick and cared for the weak. These abilities man has put himself at the service of arranging treatment courses for the terminally ill, where they swim in the pool with the dolphins, and to establish voice contact, people have come to use Morse code. Communicating with each other, these unique animals use much more complex system than the man. Echolocation signals are designed to explore their surroundings - find prey and obstacles. These signals are produced at ultrasonic frequencies that are inaccessible to our ears. If we catch the sounds at a frequency of 20 kHz, the Dolphins used up to 200 kHz. But whistle, rattle and Twitter - is the language in which they communicate with each other. Their speech has more than one hundred and eighty six different whistles and approximately the same number of ways of arranging sounds similar to human. They have a syllable, phrase, sound, words, paragraphs, and the context have their dialects, and also found that they recognize and assign names. Even the dolphin brain weighs more than ours, and the number of convolutions in its crust exceeds our own set twice. Scientists for many years struggling with the method of speech recognition dolphins, but to no avail. Cinema and animation particularly closely acquainted us with one of these mammalian species - bottlenose dolphins. Dolphins breeds a lot, but when it comes to them, we imagine most familiar to us. It bottlenose dolphins became stars, starring in feature films, settling in and becoming heroes Dolphinarium Dolphin games. This species is the most friendly and amenable to training. What is surprising is that excelling in many human development indicators, dolphins continue to serve us and entertain us. For that, we love them even more, and to our surprise, there is no limit. Dolphin game invite all those who care about animals to waterfowl, visit our virtual Dolphinarium to see their beautiful and tricks to become a trainer. Treating them as equals, we can teach them to jump through the ring, high jump out of the water and tumbling in the air, as well as many other tricks. And you can just swim race with him and make sure to rate them virtually unmatched. Scientists have long been trying to solve the riddle of how dolphins manage to move so quickly. Disputes were different and at one time even claimed that it is because the features of the body, but are now more inclined to believe that only through the power of dolphin muscle develops speed and a thirty seven kilometers per hour. Playing the game about dolphins, you will see their natural habitat, swimming with them between corals and plants, looking for friends and overcoming obstacles. Also, games for girls dolphins, this fascinating process and service in the restaurant, which is dominated by seafood. Are you familiar with similar actions by other toys, and because the process is not difficult. And when they were filled, game playing dolphin entertain unlearning new tricks, invite the puzzles and coloring.