Free Dog Games

Online Game Dog - this is your virtual nursery, where live cute puppies. Give them the proper care, starting to play with funny fluffy lumps.

Pets how much they mean in our lives! After all the hustle and bustle of the day come, sometimes, home, tired, and someone patiently waiting for you at home all day, and only heard the jingle of keys on the landing, poured a joyful bark and wags his tail tirelessly, meeting beloved master. And at this moment, all the sorrows and tribulations, all the fatigue of the day as if it disappears, the heart becomes warm, just what someone, so faithfully, sincerely and genuinely happy to see you even after such a long separation is not one working day. You take the leash and collar, and in any weather you running for a walk with your four-legged friend. But, alas, today's harsh reality does not allow each of us who would like to shelter himself our brother and get a smaller pet, for various reasons, such as strict parents or lack of housing area, or banal lack of time, as required for courtship for a small but loyal friend. After becoming the owner of the dog in our world - it's not only fun, but also a huge responsibility and a lot of hassle and expense. It is for these people, dreaming to get pets, and was created with a selection of themed games free games dog playing in which we can introduce ourselves happy owners of a four-legged pet. The entire selection includes games about dogs, cats games against dogs, but for those who like to have fun - play a talking dog. All of them allow you to transform the spoken word into a funny little dog speaker pronunciation, but there are plenty of other options. Still have in our collection games, such as playing a cat and a dog, which embodies worldly old adage - live like cat and dog. After all, everyone has long known that the friendship between the two types of pets are very stretched. So what if you suddenly become bored, sad and lonely, and behind the ear will be nobody to scratch, then you can safely enjoy the games from our collection that will not only allow boring to spend your leisure, but also bring the mood perfectly - and laughter, known to prolong life! Play and enjoy fun stories about pets, choosing the game to their liking, or trying to play immediately at all! But if suddenly you are already a proud owner of a cat or dog, then playing on the computer, do not forget to feed them and even walk, because, as the Little Prince - Antoine De Saint character Exupery: "We are responsible for those who tamed!