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Doctor games online offer to help you get rid of the virtual patient ailments.

Medicine - a topic is complex and attractive. From the side. Among today's popular TV series on the subject of production by a wide margin in the lead just stories about the work of doctors. House MD, clinic, and many others have a lot of fans. But among people far removed from the medicine. Those who work in this area, look at them, at least, skeptical. Because the image on the screen has nothing to do with reality. Especially the reality of post-Soviet space, where the medical profession - not a place for self- great diagnostician, devouring Vicodin and admiring their own mental difficulties. A heavy, almost hard labor. And often for token money, almost a pittance, in the absence of equipment and funding. Here, following the notorious Hippocratic oath is sometimes not easy accomplishment, and almost ascetic work to their detriment. So good doctors who have stayed with us, with a sad smile and a frank look at the lack of understanding of young people, which aims to enter medical to be like Dr. House. If your child is under the influence of popular culture raves medical profession, try to gently and softly open his eyes to reality. To do this, there is a fairly extensive medical genre of online games. These games are a doctor, and sometimes regular nurse as the main party, make an excellent tool that the doctor's job - it's not posturing, and self. The correct diagnosis, to do the surgery, but in the end, to cure the common cold, so that she did not give consequences and complications - it requires years of practice, patience and love for his patients. It is the kindness and humanity, and not show-off and self-respect are the cornerstone of this profession. This is the impression produced health of the game. They are all very close to reality, sometimes down to the picture of physiological details. These games are absolutely forced to do the operations as in life, not like in the movies - the doctor took a scalpel and looked intently into the camera. And the next frame - has returned to life joyful patient. In order not to injure the psyche of the child of tender years, there are benign version - where you need to treat and diagnose Ivy toys. Cut and sewn teddy bear will not make such a shocking experience. But the idea that the cut and sew a living being for medicinal purposes is not so easy to be conveyed.