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What is this game Doc McStuffins? Open any and start playing for free to help the little animals recover and once again become a fun, lighthearted.

Play Doctor Plush practice proves that great doctor can easily become even the most ordinary child of six! The fact that the main thing in the medical profession - is the desire and the desire to help others, and young children not to take such a wish! Especially a lot of desire in this game the main character Dr. teddy for girls - a little girl named Dottie, who considers himself a real doctor. Dottie wants to become as a highly qualified expert in the field of medicine, as well as her mother. Play Doctor Plush play - Dottie means helping in the implementation of its plan, and chose another tactic girl from a young age. Free Play Doctor Plush start at exactly the moment when the first girl in hands stethoscope takes all toys that surround Dottie in her room begin to revive. Play Doctor Plush allow free with Dottie practice as a therapist present: together with a girl can be interviewed each patient to know about his health, took my temperature, blood pressure and on the basis of the data obtained to put teddy patient the correct diagnosis! Once the diagnosis is made, the very same Dottie prescribes treatment and issues for their patients exclusive recipes. Like a real doctor, the girl is not only your personal account, but also highly Assistants: Dragon Stuffy, Hallie Hippo and sheep Lammy. Medical clinic staff Dottie helps girl to survey patients, diagnose and treat. Not a single complaint of the patient will not be ignored! In the course of medical practice Dottie understands how important it is to observe the rules of hygiene. In addition, she is always trying to set a good example for their patients: girl eats right, doing exercises every morning and follow the recommendations of their parents in order to be completely healthy and never get sick. The game girl regularly reminds players of the importance of such rules: valuable advice from Dottie occupy an important part of the story. Game "Doctor Plush" built on the plot of the series of the same name, which was created by studio Brown Bag Films. Premiere of the pilot took place in March 2012. Serial immediately managed to become popular today its broadcast Disney Jubior and Disney Channel. A distinctive feature of the animated series that the structure of each episode includes a unique soundtrack. In addition, during the closing credits little doctor gives all its viewers tips on how you must take care of their health in the future, not be a patient there. Dottie studious doctor - colliding in series with a disease that has not previously met her teddy patients, she writes all the necessary information about the disease in the "Big Book catalog Bo Bo." Ability to talk with toys is not given Dottie birth. Taught her this magical stethoscope girl can communicate with their plush friends only when puts a stethoscope. Characters: - Lammy - plush sheep, which also is the best friend and the nearest medical assistant Dottie. In love with another assistant - Stuffy; - Stuffy - plush blue dragon. The main desire - to be the bravest of all the dragons, but it works the hero is not always; - Piskun a rubber fish, which can not speak. The only sound that produces fish - it squeak. Naturally, no one understands it; - Halle - plush hippopotamus, which is also a nurse and assistant Dottie; - Chilly - plush snowman, who is suffering from a nervous breakdown, based on his bad memory he constantly forgets what he plush and therefore afraid to melt; - Donnie Plush - four brother Dottie that almost all his free time playing with their favorite toys; - My mother - the mother of Donny and Dottie, is a doctor in the hospital; - Pope - the head of the family and the father of the protagonist.