Online games about dinosaurs

Online games about dinosaurs - a unique opportunity to meet with prehistoric animals.

Dinosaurs and their disappearance is one of the eternal mysteries of the planet earth. People, even far from the scientific arguments are not satisfied with the fact that one day these animals simply died out, as they had nothing to eat because of the size. Hypotheses arise unprecedented epidemics, which fell to the ground of the meteorite, the debut version of the apocalypse, and other, even more fantastic and improbable. And people can understand. Due to regular mass hysteria about the parts of the world (only the memory of a generation, there were three pieces ) man unwittingly begins to ponder the vagaries of nature. And over the fact that tomorrow is a shortage of resources, ecological disaster, tsunami, earthquake, or planetary excesses in the form of meteorites and every Nibiru, will lead to the fact that people will repeat the fate of the giant lizards. From this, it becomes somehow uncomfortable. And the mind begins to look for unusual hypothesis to gain confidence that this will not happen again for sure. Meanwhile, the image of a miracle does not extinct dinosaur tightly entrenched in popular culture. In two alternative forms. It may be cute and touching dinosaur hatched from accidentally found and preserved eggs and became a pet. Herbivore, of course. And there may be a huge bloodthirsty dinosaurs, which has long lain in some permafrost thaw and then went to destroy and devour everything in its path. Both images cinematic enough. A soft toys in the form of prehistoric reptiles now are nothing new. Kids love them and kanyuchat, Mom, buy me a dinosaur! And the games about dinosaurs are no longer a novelty. Such games tend to use pre-historic surroundings. Rather, the representation of a person on it. Well, two images of a dinosaur - a bloodthirsty monster and nyashnaya little animals - there is also a move. The first is especially popular in shooters. And the fire on the huge reptiles as possible in its natural habitat, and poserdi collapse of New York or Paris. A cute dinosaur is often used as the main characters in the platformer - on its hind legs, they are very fun to jump. And, of course, the children become the heroes of the game with tasks like Help Dino to get home or Save predatory dinosaur egg from a pterodactyl. If a game about dinosaurs exist, then they must take a final location on our website. We have tried to collect as more fun and interesting collection of this type of game. And, of course, give you the ability to easily and free to play them online at any convenient time.