Diego games online

The main character online games Diego - a real ranger. Kids love to play with him, traveling, performing different tasks, exploring the grounds and collecting items.

Diego games owe their popularity of the famous cartoon series channel «Nickelodeon». Beginning with the 2055 "Go Diego! "Won the hearts of little viewers. Author of the project, known director Chris Griffid, the very same idea about the Latin American boy who will protect nature and the environment, created by Valerie Walsh. Protecting nature - serious business that requires a lot of effort, because the protagonist is always active and mobile, as well as its cousin, the famous Dora the Explorer. Games Diego and Dasha combine heroes love to research and travel. Why are these characters are united in one format of the game? It's very simple! Boys like to play Diego, and girls - for Dasha. Although the choice of a hero no limits. Generally, the universe is very informative Diego, heroes love exploring the world, their curiosity can be satisfied only when the essence of things and phenomena and mechanisms will be clearly and thoroughly told. Even the dopey viewers of the animated series and the players are beginning to understand and discover the secrets of the world devices. Free Games Diego became so popular in part from a wide variety of characters and the possibility to choose between different players. Each character is laid out in detail and carries its own unique positive qualities, acting together heroes, often complement each other. Interaction and fun adventures happen not only with Diego and Dasha, a good portion of the plot Diego explores processes and phenomena of the world with her sister Alicia. Brother and sister travel to the most interesting places on the planet, studying animals living there, taking care of plants, learn a lot of new and interesting by sharing this knowledge with the players. Game format suggests that when animals and plants are in danger, the protagonists immediately rush to help them. Caring for the environment - the leitmotif of the game. The main characters: - Diego, who is the protagonist of the cartoon is based on the conventional way of eight boys. The child is very keenly developed sense of empathy, compassion and desire to help the world around them. He loves animals and is always trying to come to their aid; - Dora the Explorer - cousin Diego. The heroine appears in a few episodes and help Diego save animals and explore the world; - Alice - is Diego's older sister, who at 11 years has tremendous discernment, is able to give an adequate assessment of the phenomena and to plan properly and sometimes chaotic action to rescue his brother outside world. Diego comes to the rescue in any situation. Well versed in modern technology: all the necessary information about the animals she is looking for using your laptop; - Click - is another helper characters that appears in the form of smart cameras. Working in tandem with the Notebook Alice Click quickly find animals that need help the protagonists; - Jaguar - a small predator which once saved Diego, and in gratitude Jaguar promised to always help the boy. In the process of working together to save animals, between Jaguar and Diego struck up a real strong friendship; - Rescue-Pak - this ultra-modern invention that uses Diego to overcome the difficulties. If necessary, the backpack can turn into any equipment; - Linda Lam - hardworking animal that also once saved Diego. In gratitude for his rescue Linda decided to help the hero in any situation where you will need her help; - Bobo Brothers - is a monkey that is more than the other characters overflowing desire to help Diego's only because of their stupidity, slowness and carelessness often help them become a source of new and unexpected problems.