Sunk to the bottom of the virtual ocean can be a game to play online diamond Atlantis. Find the treasure chests and collect the same jewel in a row.

Man is by nature a curious creature, and because of this there have been many discoveries in all fields of science and life. To argue about the usefulness of all the discoveries will not, some are now greatly simplify life of a man, and some of it would be better not never been open (weapons of mass destruction and similar things ). The questions What? Where? When? Often arise in the human mind, and, unfortunately, being a well-rounded and owning the laws of physics, chemistry and mathematics is not always possible to find perfectly valid and reasonable answer. And even if he is and argumentative, confirmed the facts, still there are people who call into question its truth, or simply refuse to believe the facts on the basis of their beliefs. An example is the question of the origin of the Earth. No one millennium and the matter is concerned minds. The answer is definitely always depends on the level and scope of human knowledge. Currently, there are several scientific hypotheses about the origin of the Earth. Each of these are described in detail in his work of scientists. In this case, people of different faiths of the world continue to believe in the creation of man, the universe and our planet Earth some divine force. What to believe, and in that there is a personal matter. On our planet there are still a lot of interesting things and inexplicable, like herself. For example, the existence of the fabled land of Atlantis, which, according to legend, sank to the bottom of the sea with its residents - the Atlanteans, as a result of an earthquake or another unknown cataclysm. First mention of this island are found in the works of Plato. Most scientists believe these stories about Atlantis myth, which probably served as the basis for some other real disaster in the ancient world. But there are scientists who believe in the existence of the island. Whatever it was Atlantis is still the subject of a most incredible and fantastic hypotheses. There is even a special scientific discipline - Atlantology. If you have not decided to believe in the existence of Atlantis or not, go to our gaming site. You are waiting for an incredible adventure in search of a mysterious island and its countless treasures. Games to play online diamond Atlantis may free and registration of players is also absent. Games in this category belong to logic games. The main goal of the game - solving clever puzzles to find artifacts that belong to the legendary mythical Atlantis.