Online Games Despicable Me

Despicable Me online games allow you to once again plunge into a funny story where minions Grew help fight the insidious vector and enjoy free communication with the characters.

In recent years, the stereotype that cartoons are only for children, destroyed more and more. Cartoon studio developers try to make their masterpiece won the greatest popularity is in all segments of the population. Only a few exceptions, there are cartoons that specialize in a relatively narrow range of people. These cartoons can not carry a masterpiece of American animation titled "Despicable Me." Cartoon tells the story of a man named Gru, who was famous for the noble thief. One day after learning that was stolen world-famous Pyramid of Cheops, Grew, who was also very envious, invents a cunning plan to kidnap many of the world values ​​and most importantly, the only satellite earth - moon, using a reducing that scientists invented. With this incredible adventure begins at the end of which the evil Gru, using cute little girls from the orphanage transformed from an unfeeling lout who took the girls from the orphanage with an ax to grind in this loving father. Cartoon was released in the summer of 2010 and in a very short period of time collected a very large audience and a large crowd of fans. In 2013 came the continued adventures Grew and creating no less hype and recognition of many critics and fans, let everyone know that this is not the final cartoon series. If you ask passers-by what they see as the most memorable character of this cartoon, their opinions clearly diverge. We offer you to choose the most liked: Grew - the protagonist of the cartoon. That it is displayed in the title of the movie. Vile, wicked and unfeeling peasant short, bald, with long thin legs and a big belly, which in the end was a real cartoon dad for foster girls. Grew often dressed in a dark suit, a black jacket with a gray scarf and striped same gray sweater. Dr. Nefario - Grew assistant. Makes for a variety of things that help to make various crimes and tricks. Almost always dressed in white bathrobe over yellow sweater. On crooked nose always wears sunglasses with large lenses. Vector - a villain who stole the Great Pyramid and further stole items from Grew reducer. Looks like a botanist with glasses and hairdo "pot." More often than not, he's wearing a sporty orange suit. His passion is the usual cookies. Minions - small yellow creatures created Grew to conduct experiments on them, and to those he helped. Dressed in blue denim overalls and goggles, literally glued to his eyes. Margo - the eldest girl, who adopted Grew. In addition, the most intelligent of the trio of girls wearing glasses and her brown hair is always tied in a ponytail. Edith - average age girl. Very fond of different horror stories. Always goes in a knitted cap pink. Agnes - the funniest girl, the youngest of the trio the adopted Grew. Very fond of unicorns. Very sweet, kind, black-haired girl with beautiful big eyes. Not less popular protagonists cartoon Despicable Me won and in computer games. Despicable Me games are available in large numbers and in a variety of genres. Based on the cartoon of the game have been released Despicable Me 2. Interesting story, perfectly programmed characters make Despicable Me game a real boon for those who love quality and fun to spend their free time. Despicable Me Games Action suit lovers of old games such as Mario and Sonic, and I run the game Ugly suit everyone who likes to collect different interesting bonuses and coins. Everyone will find a toy to their liking, which will cause back and play it again and again.