Defense flash games free

Games Defense fortress, castle, tower, city from attack - is the primary task of the player who decided to play online against the enemy.

Hold abroad and do not give up calling defense flash games for free. Reflect enemy attacks have massively and regularly on all sides. The enemy comes, trying to grab the land, to destroy people. Do not let it requires at least on principle. No one is allowed to select what belongs to you! But there is always a villain who does not care about your ideals, and he will bring numerous army to compete with you in strength, endurance and tactics. The enemy comes and comes, increases with each stage skills and acquires weapons more powerful. All flash games online defense built on the same principle, let storyline feud. Space pirates attack the planet less developed, but you were out of luck, because you also has a modern military arsenal. Best laser guns, deadly rays, fireballs, molecular Destabilizers even magical equipment useful in the war against uninvited strangers. It is important not to let them get close to the planet too close, and to repel the attack on the outskirts. Driving a vehicle, act suddenly and swiftly to "guests" could not regroup. The waters also full of infection that attacks and the defense witnesses games online. Enemy submarines aspire to get into your water, raking your fleet. But your ships are equipped with the latest equipment. Picks locator enemy, take him on sight and release the torpedo in vulnerable places, to be sure to sink the enemy. Divers also in danger, and very serious. They are attacked by predators of the seas, which can not agree. Can only stop their harpoons and more lethal weapons, which we have prepared in the virtual store. A generally unscrupulous pirates and take on board the ship, if possible, all vessels to empty their bilges and kill command. Do they get a large sum of your bucket vessels? We hope that you are experienced enough to prevent this. Playing free games, defense, you will encounter many funny characters. These are the heroes of cartoons, comic books, movies, stories of other computer games. You are lucky enough to manage Bart Simpson, who showed true patriotism and protects the city from the zombie invasion. With the help of the singer and dancer Gangnam will protect their facilities, aliens danced to death. Farms also need to be protected when they are attacked by competitors or pests. Fight them have improvised means, basically rakes and shovels or fruit harvest. And once with Mario and Luigi in a mushroom kingdom have to fight forest monsters. But the brothers are no strangers to attack plants, and therefore everything should go smoothly. Boys love tower defense games, in which we must take into account the available arsenal of weapons, regulate the number and power of the enemy, just to attract more powerful combat units. In such plots are often involved in sorting robots, raking roofs with enemy elements. Everyone has a radius of destruction, and it is necessary to place all so that they constantly kept it imminent threat, firing projectiles. Have to fight against aliens, zombies, robots, military equipment, magicians. Can also be in different eras: in the future, the present, the Middle Ages, the stone age or the incredible fiction, apocalyptic world. And the surreal environment is, the more fun to play, trying to navigate in unfamiliar situations illusory world in which offers incredible opportunities and potential.