Games for girls dating Stella

Opening date Stella free games, girls help the heroine to pick an outfit for this special evening and will play, looking for hearts and figures on a background image.

Once girls start to pay attention to the opposite sex and, as a result, thinking about their own appearance. From this point there are experiments on the exterior: figure, hair, clothes. Sometimes they go to extremes, trying to lose weight, paint hair, extravagant dress up and make-up replete with bright colors. The first attempts often fail, especially if it is done in secret from her mother. Girl Can not draw attention to themselves, but catchy entourage hard not to notice. It is best to stay natural, just a little embellishment its advantages and possible disadvantages skillfully hiding, and confidence itself, cheerfulness and sympathetic character will adorn any lady. You will certainly admire the boys and find the one that will invite a date. At such a meeting would be desirable to look like something particularly attractive, but there are some nuances. Attire should be selected in accordance with the planned activity and better specify in advance that the guy plans for your meeting. At such moments, the girls pose as would have done and that would put favorite heroine, for example, Stella - one of the bridesmaids Winx. To understand how to choose the right clothes for this occasion, note the date of the game, where together with a charming fairy you will learn how to combine the details of the wardrobe for every occasion. In her closet collected cute outfits with which pleasantly amused by combining them together. Short shirts, breeches, skirts and corsets, all sorts of shoes, handbags and other accessories are available not only in profile, but different colors. Color palette is so vast that in each section you will spend plenty of time until the desired podyschet bagatelle. Game date Stella you will instill a taste for the good things and teach them to combine and match episodes of life. If you have to hike to the disco, suit short skirts and T-shirts, and if you're going to the theater, it is better to look for something more in a classic style. To move to a new range of outfits, simply click on the icon to the left in the game screen and before you swing open new clothing options. You can always return to the previous wardrobe and change new clothes by simply dragging it to the image of fairies. Release the selected item, and she will fall into place. Winx games dating process does not cause any difficulties, since it is easy to guess the control method. Try the heroine of all hairstyles and see which one you liked more. You may also adjust the color of hair, by simply clicking on the color palette. When the shade you like, go to the next game Winx Stella date. It is also possible to change the color of the heroine and if you have not guessed, what do you want powder, it is precisely in order to give Stella tan. Only that she was completely white, and the next moment looks true mulatto. Try all the colors and shades in order to stay on the right. You wonder how effectively accentuate golden bronze tan hair and set off the bright clothes, making the image more fresh, appealing, bright. Finally, pick the favorite wings to left no doubt from anyone in front of them and in truth a real fairy. She happily waving wings and thank you warmly for taking part in its preparation for a date. If you only have to learn the beauty of this event, games free dating take the responsibility to help you with the choice of attire, that gentleman stopped by your beauty.