Online games resemble curling most common hockey, but will play with stones, which must send the ice field to score your points.

Unlike hockey, curling is not so popular here, although both games are played on the ice field and are team. In curling involved eight players sharing by four in each group of competitors. Equipment used granite shell, which pushed so that it reached a "home" - the target. This fun invention relates to the XVI century, and she was born in Scotland. The lake Danbai found rock resembling sports equipment with engraved date of manufacture - 1511. Mention of curling in the old Scottish documents Paisley Abbey, dated 1541 year, and Pieter Bruegel on two of his paintings in 1565 portrayed peasants playing curling on the frozen lake. They throw a stone down the ice into the target, and it strongly resembles a modern curling. In the mentioned period of time developed a close relationship in terms of the economy and the exchange of cultural heritage between the Netherlands and Scotland, which served as a good impetus for distribution in Europe curling. If the origin of the name says, and here there is an interesting explanation. Interesting to note that the game appeared a century before its present name because the word curling stuck to it thanks to the efforts of the Scottish poet - Henry Adamson, apply it in his poem already in the XVII century and thus inadvertently introduce the definition in wide use. Further worked linguists exploring the origin of the word, they came to the conclusion that it has appeared thanks verb curr, which means roar, rumble, dull roar. This sound is really similar to the one that produces shell meshing small roughness and protrusions, slipping on the ice surface of the web. In some remote parts of the country and is today referred to the ancient name of curling "the roaring game of stones." Acquainted with the rules and the process itself can by opening online curling game. Authentic with real sports toys teach you to throw heavy granite stones, directing them to the center of the target. But if you like to have fun with cartoon and fairy tale characters, you can easily find what to do this evening. We even have an expression: "a cow on ice," takes on new meaning, as these animals gathered waiting to exit the field. And as they move on it - one lovely sight. You can play curling, pushing forward Santa Clauses or dinosaurs. Random passers suddenly find themselves easily become projectiles if grab them and send the bull's-eye on icy paths. You can have fun with all the heart, gaining game points and overcome unexpected obstacles. Each game curling free competition opens new ways and not necessarily everything must happen according to the rules. Take advantage of this opportunity to play in the office curling, divided into teams. The rules are simple - employee seated on a chair with wheels, and then push forward stronger, so he drove to the designated point before your opponent. The only thing that can disturb the harmony of fun - sudden arrival of the chief, who reached the end. We have even monkey, dog and curling with Sponge Bob in the lead role, and he also serves as the Olympic winter sports competitions. Also playing in the pool can be arranged with little animals, which were placed on inflatable cushions. Push them through the water, sending a "home" and try to win this match. Water, of course, slows and reverses the direction of sliding movement, but this play even more exciting.