It is a pity that the days are gone of complete freedom, but online games absolutely free cowboys invited to experience the life of the Wild West, when all carried weapons and rode on horseback.

Very many people like the romance associated with the themes of the Wild West. Certainly for such people is very useful and entertaining online games will be cowboys. Protect your herd of cattle confidant, destroy enemies and their deadly Colt live surrounded by an unforgettable adventure! You can easily become the head of the settlement, the sheriff can save lives, but at the same time to be a criminal and rob trains. In general, as a cowboy in this game you will not restrict anything! Special atmosphere - it is traditional duel at noon, where to save your life can only timely response. If you fail the first to get his gun out of the holster, the consequences of delay will be more than sad. And to find yourself in this magical and romantic world of the Wild West, you do not even need to climb into the saddle - modern technology will do everything for you! If you make a historical digression, it turns out that cowboys called cattle herders in the Wild West. Period of the popularity of this profession started in 1865, when in vast areas of Texas there was a need to drive huge herds of feral together in nature bulls. Surprisingly, the last "golden age" of cowboys just twenty years. Is notable for the fact that only a third of the herdsmen were immigrants from European countries, another third - it negros who have been given freedom by the end of the Civil War and another third - Mexicans from the neighboring country. Most cowboys came to this profession, having no money, no stable job, no assets. Place to work for a large ranch cowboys were entrepreneurs who specialize in skotoproizvodstve. In addition to direct distillation cattle ranch within they were renovating the fence, looking for stray cattle, branded young animals and performed a lot of different ancillary works. Very often different owners mixed cattle while grazing, so that was also part of the duties of cowboys and separation of cattle paddock. Paddock demanded not only great physical strength, but also the dexterity and skill. It is based on the paddock there was one of the favorite entertainment cowboys - rodeo. Distillation cattle ranch cowboys carried out to the nearest railway station compound. Scott surpassed vast expanses of empty prairie, where often had clashes with the Indians or bandits. Group of cowboys always maintained a tight circle, surrounding a herd of cattle from all sides. Only in this way it was possible to maintain the integrity of the flock from all sides and ensure that no one cow did not discourage him. Also in the process of ferrying cowboy on a horse has changed several times. In most cases, it was not personal horse cowboy and herd owner or rented from someone. Few of the cowboys could afford the few horses. Night during stops cowboys turns patrolling its parking place, while on patrol, they resonate with each other through the verses. The first part of verse one cowboy started and ended his patrol on the opposite side. It is on this basis born famous cowboy ballads, songs, poetry and other epic cowboy life. After 30s in America began cult cowboys, celebrating, nostalgic look became popular in society. This view is reflected in many areas of social life: country music, comic books, advertising, clothing and film studies. Indispensable attributes cowboy image created cinema: - Lasso; - Revolver; - Cowboy hat; - Boots; - Vest; - Plaid shirt on the buttons; - Flirt.