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Ukrainians have never been belligerent nation. The only war they waged for centuries, was a war for independence. Even the young generation of Ukrainians know what is behind this word. Unlike the Americans, for whom his country's Independence Day is actually one more reason to remind themselves that they are - a superpower. And not to recall the thousands of historical figures and ordinary people who have decided that their country should be free. Still fresh in the memory of the nation while most ordinary people simply and without pathos gave their lives for something that everyone who steps today on Ukrainian land could proudly say: It is not part of the USSR, is not part of the Russian empire, part of speech Commonwealth. This - our country. A first and a cult classic archetype of freedom, known not only in Ukraine but all over the world, became Cossacks. The characters are definitely charismatic. Look how happy the last movie adaptation of Gogol's works Russians appropriated Taras Bulba, making it the epitome of, oddly enough, the Russian idea. And that's understandable. Indeed, in the current context of liberal thinking imperial values ​​can not be submitted to the general public for a delicious package. But patriotism and love of freedom, coupled with the democratic foundations and bravery in battle - this is just what we need. It does not matter that on the Russian soil all these qualities at the same time is unlikely to be born. Romanticized image of the Cossacks and the Polish director Jerzy Hoffman. However, with its inherent nation aristocratic snobbery. In his Fire and Sword most of the Cossack troops displayed violent and sometimes repulsive savages. But the lyrical hero Yurko - historical figure, by the way, was the name Ivan - Bohun in her temperamental wildness is so romantic that easily eclipsed even in the eyes of Polish spectators nothing but positive nobleman Jerzy Skshetuskogo. Zaporozhye Warriors played a role in Ukrainian geymidustrii. Yes there in Ukrainian - a series of strategies Cossacks is popular not only in the post-Soviet space, but also in the world. Play online Cossacks make everyone will understand in a rather difficult for both games of this genre, but a fantastically interesting world of military operations on the territory of Ukraine 15-17 centuries. Now the game seems to be just masterfully done, and during the release of the first Cossacks it was a real breakthrough in the strategic genre. You can verify this by looking in the Cossack subsection on our site.