Winx coloring game online free

Winx coloring game like all lovers of magical fairies. Use a combination of bold colors and cartoon characters make even more beautiful.

There is enough strange phenomenon. Many people are completely different age and social status elect his idols of movies and cartoons are not the main characters, and their antipodes. The last mass phenomenon of such a plan was hysteria about Zhzhokera of a new movie about Betmene. This character was made so attractive to the viewer that the main superhero simply stepped aside. And the fact is that not only the director's idea, but the game is the actor who performed the role of the cynical and funny villain, provided the image of the massive success. But in other works, it often happens that a negative character, created not as loathsome and disgusting creature, but as an ordinary man with a cynical smirk attracts the masses far more no less charismatic heroes good side. The point here is that the scale of the show 's creators, sooner or later run out opportunities to create visual scene. Keep the balance between good and evil at the level that each episode was not known who will win at the distance of 100 + series is simply impossible, so the characters are often caught in a difficult situation from which are selected by chance. And so the same 100 consecutive episodes. But the viewer is not always slobbering idiot, he thinks and analyzes, resulting in many people come to the fact that not just bad luck. As their machinations often look just perfect mind and fantasies. And so the ideal intellectuals just unlucky one hundred consecutive episodes. The viewer can not help beginning to sympathize with these unfortunate villains. On the other hand there are absolutely no characters that are very often decide their love and learning problems, resulting in a look ridiculous. It also encourages the viewer on the side of evil. Moreover, very often it turns out that the evil characters have their grievances and other human motives for which they are the heroes of dirty tricks. As an example of such a situation, you can take the animated series Winx Club. The viewer is on the threshold reporting that the school witch is better not to deal with. And then it turns out that they are simply not invited to balls and other mass meetings in the world of magic. It turns out that the evil side has a set of simple human qualities that without the presence of negativity simply defective. And on the other side are currently sitting ideals that do not scream and do not show human emotions. Therefore, it is unfair to the lack of negative characters in the fan production on animated cartoons, including such as coloring game Winx. This is probably the only series that has a similar attitude to the evil characters.