Chicken Games online

We invite you to play online games Chicken - Shooting with space Fly. You can play with friends or alone.

People took the most attractive in all respects the planet suitable for life. This makes us a privileged race, but at the same time puts in a dangerous position. Many worlds can not live with it and do not keep trying to destroy us, to lay their hands on the Earth. This is not surprising, it is worth to look at Mars with his lifeless red desert where nothing grows the living and the Martians themselves forced to live forever in the catacombs, or wander down to the space shuttles among the stars. Reclusive life and Strider is not happy and they have for many centuries attempting to conquer us. But if these green men is clear, then the appearance of chicken perceived aggressors with a smirk and natural sarcasm. We are very familiar with earth and their representatives know the taste of chicken, using it to prepare various dishes. But to have to fight them - it's not serious and absolutely ridiculous. Did they really think they can beat the human race with its centuries-old experience of military action? However, judging by the fact that the games offer us Chicken fight in space with these chickens, it really is. And since then things have gone on, even if only themselves to blame. Ceremony with them, we will not, as applicable arms against them and will lay a magnificent table after the war of the chicken dishes. Chicken games appeared in 2011, and there were five series, where each is a continuation of the previous one. Space Tribe chickens voznamerilas take us captive and completely destroy the Earth. They are configured not seriously doubt their victory. Laughter, and more! But not to suffer a humiliating defeat, we should not be too timid and properly prepare for the upcoming battle, so a lesson feathery, turning them into Chicken Grill. Game Chicken invaders - a genre of arcade Flying with gameplay familiar to us from other products since the eighties. It follows the idea of ​​Star Trek and "Star Wars", which in itself is surprising, taking into account the selected developers chicken theme. In the course of events you have to shoot the chickens and pick up what remains after them - eggs, chicken legs, fillets and other products. These bonuses are you vitality and way to improve the weapon. The game is a dynamic, exciting, arched portion of humor and positive. Do not relax, because in spite of the low level of intelligence, these layers are serious and no quarter will be given. The process is designed for two players, although in the absence of the possibility of doubles, it is possible to fight alone. Very popular series "Revenge Chickens", "Next Wave" and "Ultimatum Yolk." Each of them contains more than a dozen levels of complexity with a gradual action game. First, as usual, you are given time to get a new status for themselves and adapt to the management. But soon the process is gaining momentum and there is no place giggles. No one could imagine that the chickens so orderly rise against us, begin to develop ingenious plans and show them uncharacteristic aggression. Apparently the world quite pulled off the reel, if we have to fight against their own food. Develop your strategy, take in the sights of unexpected aliens and destroy them aimed fire. The only way you install the usual order, put chicken in place, sending them back to roost in the henhouse, return the former harmony relationship with them and prevent a new uprising.